I Am Second – Bethany Hamilton

I’m looking so forward to meeting Bethany a week from Wednesday at the Soul Surfer Premier in New York City.

Find out more about Soul Surfer The Movie (HERE).

Find out more about I Am Second (HERE).

2 thoughts on “I Am Second – Bethany Hamilton

  1. Have a wonderful time in New York, how exciting to be apart of such a great film. Thanks for the link to the I am Second website. I have spent all afternoon on there just fascinated with the stories. What a great reminder for those of us who have found Christ and a wonderful outreach for those who are still seeking.

  2. Thanks Erin! I Am Second is a wonderful ministry. The Brian Welch story is incredible. They all are. It’s an all-star cast of people that reach a wide audience of believers and non-believers. They also have several resources for a bible study and groups. It’s a wonderful, free resource. We’re looking forward to NYC for sure!!

    We’re going to wear I Am Second gear for our Nashville Half Marathon. Hopefully it will promote the site and get a question or two as well. Keep an eye out for Scotty McCreery on American Idol too. He usually wears a black “I Am Second” Bracelet for his performances.

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