A Little Motivation

You know I love me some Tar Heels. Don’t let your loyalty to a team keep you from clicking on this video. Listen to the words and tell me you’re not ready to go take a hill somewhere. At the end of pain is success….. Continue reading A Little Motivation

Turn The Page

In August of 2012, I got caught up in a 26 million dollar “Reduction in Workforce.” After 13 years with the same employer, climbing that Corporate Ladder, I was informed that my name had come up on the list of those that would be effected. I walked out the door that day at peace (and with some lovely parting gifts). Maybe it was just blind stupidity, but I knew that it would all end well. In the weeks that followed, I would ask myself “what do you want to be when you grow up” and many other questions. I was … Continue reading Turn The Page

Even So….

Based on my blog dashboard, more than a few of you just found out what I covered yesterday and it obviously left a lot of questions. For 6 weeks, I have done some major soul searching. Anytime you strip away the things that are closest to your being, you have to eventually look at what is deepest. I’ve been to those depths many, many times recently. It was during one of those internal soul searching expeditions a few weeks ago that quite possibly the greatest song ever written came across the speakers. I don’t remember who was covering it, but … Continue reading Even So….


Tonight I was scanning twitter and read something that made me literally sick. While we could debate all day about the morning after pill, for some reason, that number is what caused my stomach to turn. Fifteen. Fifteen. Fifteen and up….. The FDA has approved an over-the-counter morning-after pill for ages 15 and up. http://t.co/7vl1gGY7To — RELEVANT (@RELEVANT) April 30, 2013 My only thought was “my heavens.” I’ve got little girls. Little girls that will be 15 in 5 and 7 years. Five years is the length of a car loan. Fifteen years is the length of a mortgage. My son will … Continue reading Fifteen

Embracing Your Two Point O.

Have you ever quit a dream job? Ever get let go from a job? Ever end a relationship or quit training for something only to regret or miss it after time passed? Today I watched a press conference for new Cavaliers Coach, Mike Brown. Look, I’m a Cleveland guy so I still follow the teams (except the Browns, I left that camp a long time ago) and all the drama. Yes, I sat there tonight and watched a 30 minute presser and I’m not sure why. Yet I did take some lessons from that 30 minutes so it wasn’t a … Continue reading Embracing Your Two Point O.