It's Pajama Day

Bananas in Pajamas My son has been talking about this for weeks. Today his school had “Pajama Day”. When I dropped him off, I walked by several little people in their comfy, cozy “PJ’s” and was a bit jealous. One little girl even had her pink fuzzy slippers on. I wonder if we could get a movement to incorporate “Pajama Day” in the work force too? We already have “Casual Friday”. How bout “Pajama Monday”? I think I’m onto something here. After all, those two Bananas in Pajamas got away with it! In the words of John Belushi “Who’s with me”?

7 thoughts on “It's Pajama Day

  1. Actually…

    There was a discussion at my workplace a few weeks ago about this subject.

    In the past 8 years we have gone from coat and tie to business casual to (in my area) blue jeans.

    The idea was to have a “dress-up day” to wear our expensive clothes sitting in our closets.

    To be entirely candid (and possibly start something), I’m not too hot on the PJ day at school.

  2. Not everyone’s idea of PJ’s is appropriate for the workforce. When I was a social worker I had to go to lots of trainings (2wks at a time). One of my roommates idea of PJs was sleeping in the buff. Not a good experience. She was actually a great lady but way to much information.

    So, I say sorry but I’m not with you…. traumatic experience. Ha! Ha!

  3. Every day has been PJ day for me the last few weeks. There are some benefits to recovering from surgery!!

    As for the work place, I am with you!! Although, I am not sure I could pull off the fuzzy slipper look!

  4. Interesting feedback all. I guess it’s all relative to what one considers to be appropriate evening attire. I could see how this could get out of hand.

    Maybe it could just be “slipper day”.

  5. yeah… uh… are you sure you want to see me sporting just my underwear?

    my daughter has PJ day too… i honestly don’t get it… we wouldn’t have our teenagers walking around in their PJs because whether we want it to or not, there are far too many sexual conotations to the whole ordeal.

    Obviously the *younger* elementary students don’t, but I remember what goes through the head of fifth and sixth grade boys…

    but if you really want to hang out with me in my underwear, i’m up for it…

  6. Clothing should be appropriate for the activity. Any clothing that becomes the center of attention interferes with social expectations and affects the interaction. If I am in a grocery store and the checkers are wearing pajamas I get the feeling that professionalism and serving the customer is in second place. I had an administrator at my grandson’s grammar school tell me that pj day, wild hair day, etc was used to put fun back into the school since the fun of art and music was taken out of the schools and, because of the new higher teaching and testing standards would leave schools a bleak and joyless place without it. COME ON!

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