Happy Birthday Heather

How do I love this woman? That was the question I asked myself yesterday as I drove for several hours on I-70. I was reminded of the classic line by Steven Curtis Chapman who sang –

I’m a clueless man when it comes to knowing how to love this woman

That pretty well sums it up. So why would I be pondering such a question yesterday? Because today is the day that marks the birthday of “this woman”. Today marks the day that she entered this world and forever changed mine. For years my mom would pray the old Wayne Watson song “Somewhere in The World” over her before we even knew who she was:

And I don’t even know her name
But I’m prayin’ for her just the same
That the Lord will write His name upon her heart
Cause somewhere in the course of this life
My little boy will need a godly wife
So hold on to Jesus, baby, wherever you are

The Lord answered that prayer so that is why I pondered how I love this woman. How do I make her birthday special? How do I tell how thankful I am for all she does and who she is? No gift would suffice. No words would cover it.

How do I love this woman? Then it hit me. The best way to love this woman…

is to love her the way that she loves me….

Happy Birthday Heather. I love you!

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