What Not To Wear

Yesterday I opened my Google Reader and, like the rest of the “Tar Heel Family” was shocked to read that David and Travis Wear have decided to transfer from North Carolina to a destination which has yet to be announced. Because I am obsessed with North Carolina Basketball, I went looking for answers last night. Since you can believe everything you read on the internet, that was my source of information. It is a bad source. Something is wrong. People don’t transfer out of the Mecca of College Basketball (insert your lame NIT jokes here). After a season that was one new rock bottom after another, this announcement found another way to go just a little deeper.

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Every Dads Dream

Duke-NCarolina-Basket_WebIt is no secret that I am a fan of two things…The Tar Heels and one Mr. Tyler Hansbrough. Last night I was checking out a site that I frequent called MrTarHeel.com. I stumbled across this letter that was written by Gene Hansbrough (Tyler’s Dad) and submitted to Tar Heel Monthly. It’s too good to not share. Regardless of if you like the Tar Heels, Tyler Hansbrough or NCAA Hoops, it’s worth a read.

As I read it I reflected on the pride of this Dad. It comes screaming out of the pages as you read. Isn’t that what we all want for our kids? I’m not talking about winning Player of the Year, or NCAA championships (although that would totally ROCK!). I am more referring to knowing that they achieved their dreams. Sorry for the length, but I felt like it was worth re-posting. Here’s his letter (the bold emphasis are mine).

Would you call him a failure? He was a little kid and he couldn’t quite raise the ball to the basket. He put the ball way down by his hip and pushed with everything he had. But the ball just wouldn’t get over the rim. Still, he stayed there all alone, flinging the ball upward again and again. He never did make one that day but he stayed there a long, long time.

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Tar Heel Obsession Tour

I’m warning you all, this is just the beginning. The 2008-2009 Tar Heel schedule is out which means my pre-season planning has begun. I’m already looking at things in the house I can sell to obtain tickets to some all of these games. Not really, but a second mortgage hasn’t been ruled out yet. Some of the dates that caught my eye are… October 24th – Official first practice November 18th – vs. Kentucky in the Dean Dome (That’s for you Mary) December 3rd – Ford Field vs. Michigan State December 20th – vs. Valparaiso @ the United Center in … Continue reading Tar Heel Obsession Tour