Step by Step

I started this blog when we were expecting our youngest child over 5 years ago. It has become a blog about our family (among many other things). In many ways, it has been a blog about the relationship between my son (“the boy”) and I. Thus the name “Arms Wide Open” from the Creed song by the same name which was popular when he was born. With basketball season not too far away, I extended the offer to him a few weeks ago to share the first mile with me on my weekly runs. Surprisingly he accepted right away. Over … Continue reading Step by Step

Let That Pony Run

Tomorrow morning marks the start of another school year and the first time that all three of our children will be in school all day. I’m not going to lie this is one of my least favorite days of the year. Tonight we close out the summer and tomorrow morning begins one year older, one year closer to football parties, boys, girls, acne, first cars, first loves and broken hearts. Sorry…like I said, I’m not a big fan of this night. I just put my kids to bed and quietly whispered a prayer of protection over each one of them … Continue reading Let That Pony Run

Son, there is only one King

Son, sit down here for a minute or two. Let’s talk about what happened last night and what that really means in the big picture of your life. Son….there is only one “King”. You and I both love sports Son. Maybe it’s my fault. Since the time you were born, I have programmed you to follow athletes, teams and sports. I wrapped you in the colors of the Tar Heels and Cavaliers in your bassinet. I clothed you in team colors and we’ve spent many hours breaking down our teams rise and fall. We’ve hung the posters on your walls … Continue reading Son, there is only one King

Taking Risks

On vacation my wife, “the boy” and I went on a one hour jet-ski rental (insert your Gilligan’s Island three hour tour joke here). Prior to pushing off, the instructors gave us specific directions about staying inside the buoys and keeping a distance of 100 yards from the other weekend warriors on jet-ski’s. We then hit the accelerator with “the boy” sandwiched between my wife and I on the jet-ski. We ONLY rolled it twice but that’s another post for another day. What stood out to me was how adamant “the boy” was about the rules. Whenever we got close to someone … Continue reading Taking Risks

Me and my big mouth

As Father’s Day approaches, I got a lesson in humility and a reminder that little ears are never too far away. Without going into a lot of details, let me just put it this way – if you need a disclaimer that says “what Mommy and I say here stays here”, then it is probably something that just shouldn’t be said. The problem is that as I have gotten older, I have become more opinionated. Maybe I was opinionated before, but now I am more vocal in stating my opinion. While it may be good to be “real” or “honest”, … Continue reading Me and my big mouth

Birthday Recap

Although “the boy’s” birthday was Tuesday, we officially wrap up the festivities tomorrow. First off, the Hansbrough Pacer’s jersey was a huge hit. He hasn’t worn it yet but I think he’s afraid to mess it up. It will work nicely for our floor seats on Opening night in Indianapolis. Although it could be a total buzz kill if Hansbrough is still nursing his bad shin and doesn’t play! After school on Tuesday the family celebrated his birthday at Red Robin. The celebration was short lived because he was off to play his final game of Fall Ball. Tomorrow is … Continue reading Birthday Recap

Anything Like Me

In just one week, “the boy” will officially turn 9 years old. It is beyond my understanding where the last 9 years went. They always say it goes too fast and “they” are right. This is such an awesome age for all three of our kids. Especially “the boy”. Not only did the apple not fall far from the tree, it generally doesn’t stray too far from there either. If you’ve ever noticed, he is usually right next to me whenever we go somewhere. It both thrills and scares me to death. Hopefully I’m “raising him up in the way … Continue reading Anything Like Me

The Apple and The Tree

This clip convicted me today. Maybe convicted isn’t the right word. Whatever the word, I was reminded that three small children in our home are just starting out in the world of dreaming. Each day they are molding and shaping the targets that they will push and live to pursue. In a week or two they will begin school again where their dreams, futures and the possibilities will grow. As their Dad, my words can push wind into their sails or drop an anchor on their dream journey. I see it the most right now in “the boy”. That apple … Continue reading The Apple and The Tree

My Favorite Part

Now that the dust has cleared and the half marathon is but a memory, I have been reflecting on what was my favorite part of the entire experience. Honestly, there are so many great moments from Saturday, it is hard to pick just one. Meeting my wife at the finish line, having family here for the event, seeing friends along the course and accomplishing a goal are all pretty high on the list. There is one moment that I really believe was my favorite part of the day. After making my way through the sea of people at the finish … Continue reading My Favorite Part

Early and Often

  As we make our way into what I hope to be a very memorable weekend, I was reminded of this moment after the birth of our first son. It’s no secret that I have passed on the Tar Heel passion and bloodlines to my only Son. It’s so bad that tonight we watched the McDonalds All American High School game to scout the 4 players that have committed to Carolina and the two that committed to attend Duke. We literally took notes as to their ability and where we see them fitting in with what is left of … Continue reading Early and Often


The photo above is of my first born and only son. He is the “spittin’ image” of me and this apple fell way too close to the tree. His passions (so far) in life have followed mine. He loves basketball and the Carolina Tar Heels. We rejoice and mourn with every win and loss. I am so proud of him for how hard he has worked to become quite good at the game he loves. He really is a student of the game. Even at the indoor water park, he can be found shooting a basketball in the pool for … Continue reading Pride

Marlins Advance!!

Those Mighty Fightin’ Marlins of the Hilliard Little League live to fight another day. Facing possibly the toughest team in their bracket, the Marlins went up 2-0 in the first inning and never looked back. They closed out the heavily favored (and League Commisioner stacked Coached) Cubs. It’s on to the National League Championship game on Wednesday night. I’m not one to brag, but I was proud of “The Boy” tonight. Someone said he made 12 of the total 15 outs I think it was closer to 9, but either way, he was a defensive wizard. Hit well at the … Continue reading Marlins Advance!!