Louder Than Before!

jeremy_cover_speaking_louderI received an email from my friends at Overture Media about a month ago with an offer to take part in Jeremy Camp Blogger Week. Those that have been here awhile probably know that it took me about 2 seconds to reply to that message. By accepting their offer, I was fortunate enough to receive a free copy of Jeremy’s new CD, Speaking Louder Than Before to review for my blog. Before I go into my review, I would again like to thank Lori at Overture Media for the opportunity to be a part of this exciting week. The Bebo Norman and Jeremy Camp CDs have been in regular rotation the past few weeks! I’m honored to be asked and can’t thank you enough!

I’ve been a big fan of Jeremy Camp since his debut CD hit the streets. If you are not familiar with Jeremy, take a few minutes and read his bio (here). Jeremy has walked through the valleys that so many of us fear and shares his story, his healing and his hope through his music. He has inspired many with his honest and heartfelt lyrics.

No song captures the recent thoughts of this blogger more than the song “There Will Be a Day“. The first release from this incredible CD has put into words what so many that I know are feeling right now. The challenges of this world and the struggles that we each face force each one of us to seek a hope and for something more.  I have talked to at least 2 people in the past few weeks that literally drove around in their car until the song ended to hear the artist and song title because it had impacted them so much. Praise the Lord that there will be a day!

The rest of the CD is signature Jeremy Camp. He mixes rocking songs like the title track “Speaking Louder Than Before” and “I’m Alive” with worship anthems like “The Healing Hand of God“, “Surrender” and “So In Love“. With the Christmas season right around the corner, this CD would make the perfect gift for anyone you know that is a Jeremy Camp fan. I would also recommend “Speaking Louder Than Before” for anyone that is going through the trials and struggles of our journey here. The reminder that “There Will Be A Day” will encourage and bring hope to those that believe.

Thanks again Lori and Overture for the opportunity! You’ve made this Jeremy Camp fan very appreciative and blessed!