It’s a Family Thing

Nearly 24 hours after the “return of the king” to Cleveland, I’ve been noodling on my thoughts all day. From the outset, I looked at yesterday as a ridiculous spectacle driven by the media to once again frame Cleveland in a foolish position. I’m proud of Cleveland, the city, last night. The Cavaliers team…not so much. Look, Lebron is going to be Lebron. If you thought he was going to walk into “the Q” last night and break down in tears, you haven’t seen him the last few years. Lebron is a talent and talents rise to the occasion. They … Continue reading It’s a Family Thing

One Night Only

To those outside of Ohio and especially Cleveland, this post probably won’t mean much. It might even come off as a bit odd, but like the old saying goes…you had to be there. I’ve said it more times then I can count but I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. We’ve all seen the lowlight reel of Cleveland sports failures (over and over and over again). Outside Ohio, they probably are a good punchline. In Ohio and Cleveland, it’s like ripping a band aid off of a wound (over and over and over again). People in Cleveland work hard and live … Continue reading One Night Only

A Night To Remember

So what if Lebron James is gone. So what if former Tar Heel Danny Green got cut from the Cavaliers yesterday. The show in Cleveland must go on and tonight it made a stop in Columbus, Ohio for a pre-season game against the Milwaukee Bucks. Thanks to the kindness of my good friend “D-Rich”, “the boy” got to be a ball boy for the second year in a row. Last year he was more of a spectator during the game, but this year he was busy-busy! We arrived in time for pre-game shoot around so the boys were able to … Continue reading A Night To Remember

Why I think Lebron is gone

I’m a Cleveland guy. I grew up there and have cheered for the Cavs since the days of World B. Free. I celebrated through the years of PriceDaugherty andNance and cursed through the years of Shawn Kemp and Bobby Sura. So you can imagine the anxiety and concern that we are all going through with the circus that has become the Lebron James free agency. It should have never come to this. The very fact that it has is about the only proof I need that Lebron James days in a Cavalier uniform are over. Here’s how I see it:

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Parting Shots

I tried. I really did. I tried to go all day without doing one more sports post. I just can’t help it. I’ve said it before, I’m a Cavs fan and native Clevelander. So last night’s loss to the Celtics and ultimate Championship Dreams was disappointing. Heartbreaking? No. Disappointing? Yes. For those that don’t enjoy the sports talk, you can scroll down to another post at this point. If you’re up for some good sports rants, feel free to read on.

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Cavs get Danny Green!

Cavs fans are going to love this guy. Perfect player to come off the bench for this team. Ellington almost fell to them at 30 but got taken at 28. Not sure what Danny Ferry was thinking taking that kid from Congo when Blair and Young were still available, but he made up for that with this selection! Big, big, BIG night in our house. Hansbrough goes to the Pacers (just 2 hours to our West) and Green goes to the Cavs (just 2 hours to the North). Am I happy??? Yes I am… Continue reading Cavs get Danny Green!