Biggest Game Ever?

*Note – If you’re a regular reader, you will most likely pass right by this post as it’s not my “normal stuff”. However I am a diehard Tar Heel fan that is a bit emotional with the disarray that my team has become the last year and a half. My unsettling amount of Duke fan friends will take great delight in this post. One other person might find it while doing a search for Tar Heel images. However I gotta get this off my chest…. Is it overstating tonights matchup, at The Dean Dome, where Clemson has NEVER won, to … Continue reading Biggest Game Ever?

Even More Vacation Shots

Last post with pictures from vacation. We’ve probably got about 400 of them, so you’ll have to understand if I get a few up to the web. We made it home tonight just before a storm hit. As I type this, we’re unpacked and my wife and I are both beginning to dig into our inboxes and get caught up on a weeks worth of internet stuff. We had a great trip. The kids were awesome and the time together will be treasured. This couldn’t have come at a better time. Continue reading Even More Vacation Shots

Update From The Beach

It’s Wednesday and I am taking advantage of my 2 small bars of wi-fi connection to get a quick post up (don’t tell my neighbors I am borrowing his signal). Things here in Outer Banks (Corolla specifically) are as wonderful as always. The weather is extremely hot but we are taking advantage of the beach and pool to escape the heat. Running is an activity that MUST take place before about 8am or forget it. I ran on Monday and was still sweating after my shower….and I’m not kidding. It is amazing how quickly I can get used to being … Continue reading Update From The Beach

Vacation Day 1

As promised we pushed off early Saturday morning for Raleigh, North Carolina. After dropping Wubzzy off at the local Pet Palace for a week of pampering we began our 9 hour journey. Nothing compares to family time in a vehicle. Nothing. One of the memories of the journey was seeing the “Girls Gone Wild” tour bus on the freeway….pulling a mini-van behind it. I was like a little kid at Disney once we reached Chapel Hill and Raleigh. Even the local Wal Mart is stocked with North Carolina gear. This morning we push off for Outer Banks and a week … Continue reading Vacation Day 1

I Should’ve Built An Altar

This weekend we were talking to a friend that was recently in Charlotte, North Carolina. As soon as I heard the words Charlotte, chill bumps went up both arms. There is something magical about that city. A few days later, a rabbit trail led me back to a post I wrote when we had sold our home and were headed to Charlotte. There was so much excitement and unknown in that post. I also found this post which looked at what might have been if we would have made the move.  The more I reflected on that time, I should … Continue reading I Should’ve Built An Altar

I Should've Built An Altar

This weekend we were talking to a friend that was recently in Charlotte, North Carolina. As soon as I heard the words Charlotte, chill bumps went up both arms. There is something magical about that city. A few days later, a rabbit trail led me back to a post I wrote when we had sold our home and were headed to Charlotte. There was so much excitement and unknown in that post. I also found this post which looked at what might have been if we would have made the move.  The more I reflected on that time, I should … Continue reading I Should've Built An Altar

What Not To Wear

Yesterday I opened my Google Reader and, like the rest of the “Tar Heel Family” was shocked to read that David and Travis Wear have decided to transfer from North Carolina to a destination which has yet to be announced. Because I am obsessed with North Carolina Basketball, I went looking for answers last night. Since you can believe everything you read on the internet, that was my source of information. It is a bad source. Something is wrong. People don’t transfer out of the Mecca of College Basketball (insert your lame NIT jokes here). After a season that was one new rock bottom after another, this announcement found another way to go just a little deeper.

Continue reading “What Not To Wear”

Every Dads Dream

Duke-NCarolina-Basket_WebIt is no secret that I am a fan of two things…The Tar Heels and one Mr. Tyler Hansbrough. Last night I was checking out a site that I frequent called I stumbled across this letter that was written by Gene Hansbrough (Tyler’s Dad) and submitted to Tar Heel Monthly. It’s too good to not share. Regardless of if you like the Tar Heels, Tyler Hansbrough or NCAA Hoops, it’s worth a read.

As I read it I reflected on the pride of this Dad. It comes screaming out of the pages as you read. Isn’t that what we all want for our kids? I’m not talking about winning Player of the Year, or NCAA championships (although that would totally ROCK!). I am more referring to knowing that they achieved their dreams. Sorry for the length, but I felt like it was worth re-posting. Here’s his letter (the bold emphasis are mine).

Would you call him a failure? He was a little kid and he couldn’t quite raise the ball to the basket. He put the ball way down by his hip and pushed with everything he had. But the ball just wouldn’t get over the rim. Still, he stayed there all alone, flinging the ball upward again and again. He never did make one that day but he stayed there a long, long time.

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My Blue Heaven – Day 1

So I told you about a month ago about our vacation to OBX taking a quick detour through Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Early this morning we pushed off from Columbus and set our GPS for The Dean Smith Center (Home of the Tar Heel Basketball Team) on the campus of the University of North Carolina. Thanks to a connection from my good friend “D-Rich”, we had an appointment with a member of the staff on the Tar Heel Basketball team. Our goal was to get here was quickly as possible. Quick note, in order to protect the privacy of the … Continue reading My Blue Heaven – Day 1

Final Thoughts

Some final thoughts before tonights big game. Been interesting to hear which side the “Buckeye Nation” has taken for the UNC and Michigan State game. They either can’t root for “anything from that state up north” or they are rooting for the Big 10. The analysts are correct that the game in December was totally different. I don’t anticipate this, but should Michigan State win, you have to give them credit. They will have beaten three number one seeds to earn it. Tom Izzo is a great coach. Roy had better have them ready. The last two times Carolina won … Continue reading Final Thoughts

Memory Lane

I had to do a quick repost. Important note..THIS IS A REPOST! We’re not expecting a child. We were, however, expecting our third child 4 years ago when North Carolina was set to play for the National Championship. Those that have been here since the beginning might remember the chain of events that started the night before. In case you missed it, it was worth revisiting. Below you have my posts from the Sunday before the National Championship and the Day after. Good times… Quite A Dilemma (April 2, 2005) Okay, so one of your favorite teams is on the verge … Continue reading Memory Lane

Go Panthers!

I’ve said it before but I officially left “Raider Nation” this summer in favor of the Carolina Panthers. Much of this decision is due to my hope that they will one day be my hometown team. Much to my surprise, my Panthers (see how quickly they became “my”) are in the playoffs and favored by some to reach the Super Bowl! Couple of quick notes as you watch the game this weekend. I went to Indianapolis yesterday to draw the name of a lucky employee that received a 5 day/4 night trip to Tampa Bay to attend the Super Bowl. … Continue reading Go Panthers!

Something Big

  In March of this year, we began a journey that took a BIG turn yesterday. Huge. In reviewing that post tonight. I recalled quoting the lyrics of John Waller when he sang: “Something so big, it’s destined to fail without you Lord” Friends, readers and those that may be visiting for the first time, I have an announcement to make…. In a little over two weeks, the Conrad family will become official residence of Charlotte, North Carolina. Yes, you read that correctly. TWO WEEKS! I told you it was big. As late as Tuesday evening, I was just telling … Continue reading Something Big

Tar Heel Obsession Tour

I’m warning you all, this is just the beginning. The 2008-2009 Tar Heel schedule is out which means my pre-season planning has begun. I’m already looking at things in the house I can sell to obtain tickets to some all of these games. Not really, but a second mortgage hasn’t been ruled out yet. Some of the dates that caught my eye are… October 24th – Official first practice November 18th – vs. Kentucky in the Dean Dome (That’s for you Mary) December 3rd – Ford Field vs. Michigan State December 20th – vs. Valparaiso @ the United Center in … Continue reading Tar Heel Obsession Tour

Charlotte Update

I’m sitting at the airport in Detroit on my way to Norfolk and was reminded on my flight that it was probably time for a Charlotte Update. To be honest there is not a whole lot to update at this point. While we continue to wait on an offer on the house, we also continue to try to figure out what the time between “now and then” will look like. We’ve had visits but almost each one was someone that gave great feedback but needed to sell their house first. The kids start school this week, so it is another … Continue reading Charlotte Update

Silver and Black No More

I have officially left “Raider Nation”. While I do think they have a chance to be good this year, I am not holding on to the Silver and Black any longer. The biggest reason I became a Raider Fan is Bo Jackson. If you have seen Bo lately you know that he hasn’t carried the pig skin in a looooonnngg time. So, it’s time to choose a new team. While we do favor the Colts in our house due to the Tony Dungy effect, I’m going with the Carolina Panthers. I’ve liked Julius Peppers since he laced them up for … Continue reading Silver and Black No More

Virtual Reality

It has been a few weeks and I probably owe each of you a Charlotte update. I entitled this post “Virtual Reality” because that is what we continue to sense and have a complete peace about. It’s a peace that literally passes all understanding. Are there times of “what are we doing”? Sure. Yet when we anticipate what God must have in store for us to call us away from what we know and love, we find reason to weather those moments of uncertainty. In terms of “when”, that all depends on the housing market. As my middle child told … Continue reading Virtual Reality

Random Sports

I confirmed my tickets to the Brickyard NASCAR race on July 27th today. Now if I could just find my cup holder hat. Odds are pretty good I will be somewhere in Ford Field on December 3rd with my son for The Tar Heels vs. Michigan State game. How far is it from Charlotte to Detroit? I’m going to hold a garage sale  to unload all of my Raiders gear (Zubaz anyone?). I have officially left the “Raider Nation” to follow the Carolina Panthers. We also keep an eye on the Indianapolis Colts (it’s a Dungy thing). Been a busy … Continue reading Random Sports

What About Now?

One of the curses blessings of a blog is that people (some you don’t even know) get a glimpse into your life. Depending on your level of disclosure, it can all be out there for the entire world (literally) to see. I sit here today wishing I could type the entire Charlotte story and the overwhelming peace which God has given us. I wish I could tell you about every single thing along the journey that has directed our decision and every doubt that has been answered. The truth is that the post would be VERY long. You might be … Continue reading What About Now?

Big Things!!!!

Wow. This has been quite a week…. First off, it is with excitement and pride that I announce that my wife now has a BLOG!!! I think she got the bug when she signed up for Facebook recently and now she is officially a blogger. I am both thrilled and disappointed. I am thrilled that the blog world will now get a glimpse into the life of the one that is the grace of my life. I’m disappointed because I just became the second best blogger in our household. That I am okay with though. Check out her new blog … Continue reading Big Things!!!!

Hebrews 11:1

For well over a year and a half now, I have climbed aboard plane after plane. Week after week and month after month, I step onto an airplane and never once see the pilot. I’ve never spoken to one of them. I’ve not had the opportunity to ask them 100 questions before deciding if I trust them. I don’t know if they are tired, qualified, drunk, or even know where we are going. I just walk back to my seat, buckle up and keep my seat and tray table in the upright position. So why won’t I do the same … Continue reading Hebrews 11:1

Charlotte Reflections

We’re back. Just in time for me to jet to Miami in a few days. We had a great time in Charlotte. Below are some reflections from the 4 days that were Carolina… 1. How did we travel before portable DVD players, GPS, Cell Phones, Twitter, texting, mobile web and facebook updates via text? 2. I have officially tried REAL sweet tea, fried pickles, southern potato salad and Carolina Bar-b-que. 3. Downtown Charlotte may be the cleanest city I have ever seen in all of my travels. 4. Tar Heel and Panther gear is 100% more available and 50% cheaper … Continue reading Charlotte Reflections

Waiting for Lightning

I once had a friend that would say he was “waiting for a sign” before he would believe or have faith. He once told me this as we sat in his lovely home surrounded by comfort. I looked at his children as they were happy, healthy and playing. I thought about his wife and how they had a happy marriage. I thought about how they were both employed with great jobs and comfortable incomes. As we left their home, I noticed the 2 new cars in the garage. I couldn’t help but think to myself…”what other sign do you need”. … Continue reading Waiting for Lightning

Weekend Update

Some quick hits from the weekend that was and the week that is to come…. 1. I finally broke down and bought a pair of Crocs. Well, they are the cheap kind so we’re calling them “Frocs” (Fake Crocs). Anyway, these things rock. They make my feet happy. 2. How about Kasey Kahne winning another race yesterday? As you know, I am a bandwagon huge Kasey Kahne fan. 3. Great news about Patrick Swayze this weekend in his battle against Pancreatic Cancer. Good to see something positive happen in the battle. Nobody puts Swayze in a corner! I was encouraged to … Continue reading Weekend Update

Blog Karma

How about a quick shout out to my new favorite NASCAR Driver Kasey Kahne winning the Coca Cola 600! Must be some blog karma workin’ after my post about him late last week. Could have something to do with the fact that the race was held in none other than Concord, North Carolina. Coincidence? I think not. As I said last week, my employer sponsors Kahne (more specifically Evernham Racing) so it was good to actually watch him finish on top. Elliot Sadler (our primary driver) finished somewhere in the top 5 as well. I am also admitting that I … Continue reading Blog Karma


In case you missed it, and since no one reads this blog, you probably did (and will). Tyler Hansbrough and Bobby Frazor decided to do some Olympic diving recently. Couple of thoughts. 1. They are college kids. 2. Thank goodness no one caught what I did in college on film. 3. That pool is pretty shallow. 4. Doesn’t Bobby Frazor have a torn ACL? 5. What is the impact of a 6’9″ dude form a 2nd story loft on water? Continue reading Cannonball!!!

Newest Recruit?

Obama must really want my vote. Funny I don’t see any video of him playing pick up with the Jayhawks. Oh, that’s right…they were probably celebrating their championship at the White House with the President. I’m not bitter…. I can hear him now…”Um, give me that Psycho T guy and 3 other dudes….Ball out” Roy could at least have gotten him some practice gear. He was probably sweatin’ in those running pants. Then again, Roy might have given him some Kansas gear or something. I’m not bitter…. Continue reading Newest Recruit?

Folded Corners

My good friend Denny taught me a trick a few years ago of folding the corner on the pages I wanted to remember. I let my fingers do the walking through those page folds tonight and below are the quotes that I found. Interesting that they mean as much to me now (maybe more) as they did when I read Chasing Daylight by Erwin McManus a year ago. “We all want miracles and then spend our lives avoiding the context in which miracles happen” (pg 71) “Most of life’s challenges are a test of first-dimension faith – trusting God with … Continue reading Folded Corners

Not Cool…

There has been much debate (even among Tar Heel fans) about this image. In case you missed it, the man in this picture would be Roy Williams. Roy is the current coach of UNC. Roy used to coach at Kansas. Roy’s team (UNC) lost to Kansas on Saturday. While Roy’s team was flying home after a stunning upset, Roy was sitting the Kansas section laughing, wearing a Kansas logo and really enjoying himself. I am not picturing or mentioning the fact that when Roy’s team (UNC) showed up to play on Saturday (some would say didn’t show up to play), … Continue reading Not Cool…