• Episode 30 | Teammates and Headlines

    Episode 30 | Teammates and Headlines

    Episode 30 is all about teammates, headlines, the NBA Conference Finals, and Mark 2:1-8. Mark returns to discuss the following: -NBA Conference Finals-Coaching carousel-Headlines and Ja Morant situation-Being a great teammate-Adjusting to changes in the team (trades for example)-Supporting teammates when they are going through tough times-The Fellowship of the Mat (Mark 2:1-8)-Circle of influence-Camp…

  • Episode 240 | Cristobal Kruzen

    Episode 240 | Cristobal Kruzen

    Epsideo 240 is one of the more emotional, personal and real episodes I have ever done. Cristobal Krusen, Director of the new film “Let Me Have My Son” joins me to discuss the film and his very personal connection.  Cristóbal Krusen was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, the third of four children. Early in…

  • A Boy and His Mom.

    A Boy and His Mom.

    Every baseball game that “the boy” pitched, I spent time offering tips and tricks and nursing him through inning by inning. I offer encouragement, sometimes one pitch after another. Once when he was little, someone gave them mini-candy bars after the game, he took two, walked over to us…and promptly gave one to his mom. There…

  • A Letter To Mom

    A Letter To Mom

    Dear Mom, It’s Saturday, March 2nd. 13 years ago today I received that call that no child wants to receive. You fell and they were doing all they could to save your life. While those last few years were difficult for you, that last few days came so quickly. No sooner had I boarded a…

  • Episode 239 | Jenny Lombardo – BHS Reunion

    Episode 239 | Jenny Lombardo – BHS Reunion

    Episode 239 of the Unscripted Podcast is with my classmate from Bedford High School, Jenny Lombardo. In a rather odd twist, our classmates voted us “Most Outgoing” our senior year. The irony is that we are both wallflowers and didn’t even know each other. Despite our introverted extrovert nature, and our struggles taking tests, we…

  • Episode 238 | Ken Burke – Competing For Christ Podcast

    Episode 238 | Ken Burke – Competing For Christ Podcast

    Episode 238 is with my friend Ken Burke of the Competing For Christ Podcast. I had the honor of being on Ken’s podcast about a month ago so he was kind enough to join me on Unscripted. He is a former college athlete, husband, podcaster and passionate about Christ. In this episode you will have…

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