Unscripted with Andy Warnock

I recently went Unscripted with Andy Warnock. Andy is a husband, father, entrepreneur, developer, dreamer, visionary and founder for the Dots Tots Foundation. This is the most incredible 30+ minutes of podcast I have spent so far and that is saying something. Incredible family that is giving back to the community of Hilliard.


Dots Tots Organization: https://dotstots.org/

Andy Warnock on Twitter: @AndyTWarnock

Dots Tots on Twitter: @DotsTots

Unscripted with Coach Dave Richardson

Coach Dave Richardson is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach/Men’s and Women’s Basketball and Women’s Tennis at the University of Arkansas. He earned Registered Strength and Conditioning Coach Emeritus (RSCC*E) designation by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) in June 2020. In this podcast, we discuss COVID impacts on college athletics, re-live some memories of his time in Columbus at THE Ohio State University and review the Ninja Foodi Grill. I appreciate Dave taking the time to be on Unscripted.


Ninja Foodi Grill –

Unscripted with Cammi Prantl

This Unscripted One on One is with my close family friend, my assistant by day and OSU Softball Volunteer Coach Cammi Prantl. Cammi is a former OSU Softball player and current volunteer coach at Ohio State. Cammi was a four-year starter for the Buckeyes and three-time All-Big Ten performer. She never batted lower than .329 in a season and broke Ohio State’s all-time hits (247) and doubles (64) records as a senior. The Ashville, Ohio native became the 11th All-American in program history in her final year with her selection to the NFCA third team. In addition she played professionally in Italy.


Cammi Prantl OSU Page – https://ohiostatebuckeyes.com/coach/cammi-prantl-2/

Unscripted with Marcus Williams, PT, DPT

Wide ranging Unscripted One on One tonight with Marcus Williams. As a former Ohio State football player, Marcus developed a special interest in sports medicine and helping the athlete throughout the entire continuum of care: injury prevention, return to sport and performance enhancement. We cover a lot of topics in this podcast from his playing days with THE Ohio State University to his rankings of the top pizzas in Columbus.

NOTE: There were some audio issues throughout the podcast but it is worth the time to listen to.


THE Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Sports Medicine – https://wexnermedical.osu.edu/sports-medicine

Marcus Williams – https://wexnermedical.osu.edu/sports-medicine/team/physical-therapists/marcus-williams


Number 5….. DiCarlos – https://www.dicarlospizza.com/

Number 4….. Benny’s Pizza https://bennyspizza.com/

Number 3…… 600 Downtown Pizza – http://www.600downtown.com/

Number 2…… Meisters – https://www.yelp.com/biz/meisters-bar-columbus

And THE NUMBER 1 MARCUS PIZZA FRIDAY IS – Adriatico’s – https://adriaticososu.com/

Also mentioned…… Grandads Pizza. Home of the 16″ challenge. https://grandadspizzaandpub.com/

Unscripted with Kelsey Lensman

HUGE podcast with a great friend to me. Miss Kelsey Lensman is a joy to know, to follow and to work with. She is a visionary, inspiration and one of the most life-giving people I know. Kelsey is the founder of KML Movement. She is a certified athletic trainer that has worked with people of all ages to help them live happier, healthier and more fit lives through fitness, injury prevention, nutrition, and mindset training. Take time to enjoy this one today.


KML Movement – https://www.kmlmovement.com/

Kelsey on Instagram – https:/instagram.com/kelseylensman

Kelsey Bio:

Kelsey Lensman, ATC

Founder, KML Movement

Kelsey is the founder of KML Movement. She is a certified athletic trainer that has worked with people of all ages to help them live happier, healthier and more fit lives through fitness, injury prevention, nutrition, and mindset training. 

Kelsey has background in injury rehabilitation, functional neurology, and functional medicine. 

She says she is just a normal girl with an insane amount of passion and belief that people are capable of so much more than they ever think. She wants to help show you that

Unscripted with Coach Tim Congrove

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Hilliard Davidson Head Basketball Coach Tim Congrove. Coach Congrove enters his sixth season with the Davidson coaching staff, and his third as the Head Coach at Hilliard Davidson High School. In this podcast we discuss the incredible 2018-2019 season with a team that had 10 seniors. Rebuilding the next season and look ahead at a preview for this upcoming season. 2020 could be another special season for Hilliard Davidson boys and girls teams. 2018-2019 was one to remember. Thank you Coach!


Hilliard Davidson Basketball – http://hdcatshoops.weebly.com/

Unscripted with Zach Fleer

Every opportunity to do a podcast has been an honor and this one is no different. I recently completed a podcast with Zach Fleer who is the Co-Owner of 270Hoops, Director of 270 Hoops Fall League, The Intro and 270 Hoops Battle for the City. He is a husband and believer. I met Zach a few years ago and have continued to be amazed at the growth of 270 Hoops. In my opinion, Zach is the most powerful man in Ohio High School basketball. We had so much to cover that we went nearly a full hour. Great interview. Incredible history to get to where 270 Hoops is today. Thank you Zach for sharing the conversation and your time.


270 Hoops – https://www.270hoops.com/

Zach Fleer Twitter – https://twitter.com/ZachFleer270

270 Hoops Twitter – https://twitter.com/270Hoops

270 Gridiron – https://twitter.com/270Gridiron

Unscripted with Dr James Onate

Tonight I sat down with Dr. James Onate. Jimmy is a friend and educator at THE Ohio State University. We talk sports, science, comparisons, recruiting and THE University of North Carolina. By far I was not the smartest guy on the podcast but Dr. Onate is always engaging, interesting and spends his days doing incredible work. I appreciate his friendship and willingness to always talk about a variety of topics.


“What I’ll Miss The Most” – http://aaronconrad.com/2019/06/30/what-ill-miss-the-most/

Dr. Jimmy Onate joined The Ohio State University in January 2010. He earned his PhD in Human Movement Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2002 with a focus in biomechanics and motor learning. He has been an academic research faculty member interested in all aspects of human movement relative to injury prevention and performance optimization since 2003. 

He currently serves as the director of the PhD program in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, chair of graduate studies in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, a co-director of Ohio State’s Sports Medicine’s Movement Analysis & Performance (MAP) research program, a research scholar for the National Federation of High School Sports Medicine Advisory Committee, and a research consultant to Naval Special Warfare groups based in Virginia Beach, VA.

Unscripted with Emma Conrad

I am not the only one that started a podcast during the pandemic. Actually, I would argue that I don’t even have the best podcast in my own house. Today’s Unscripted One-on-One is with Emma Conrad. Some of you may know her as “Princess 1.0.” What an incredible joy as a parent to see your children pursuing their dreams and their goals. In this brief podcast, Emma and I share her new podcast with my audience. We also discuss the various ways that she inspires me on a daily basis. She also may have given a pretty good clue as to where she is going to attend college next year.

Also Available on Podcast:


Full Podcast – anchor.fm/emma-conrad

Michael Todd Podcast – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/transformation-church/id1348831124

Erwin McManus Podcast – https://erwinmcmanus.com/podcast/

Levi Lusco Podcast – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/fresh-life-church/id214017745

Unscripted with Stacie Raterman

The latest addition to the Unscripted Podcast is a true honor. Stacie Raterman is the Director of Communications for Hilliard Schools. We begin by discussing her early career in local radio and now her role in school leadership during a pandemic. I am thankful for her time and that Hilliard Schools has an open book policy. No question was off limits. This discussion gives us the opportunity to see “behind the curtain” on the difficult decisions that are made and continue to be made. We also discuss how the leadership of Dr. John Marshhausen and his team made a huge difference in the midst of this virus. I have so much respect for Stacie and the entire leadership team from Hilliard Schools. I am thankful for her availability and the time she dedicated to this podcast.

Key takeaways:

The situation continues to be very fluid and tough decisions continue to be made.

Dr. Marshhausen has the health and lives of 17,000 students and 2,000 staff members to consider every night when he puts his head on his pillow.

Resources are available for those struggling with eLearning and mental health.

The schools have no intention of keeping kids overnight, despite what you may have read or heard.

Also available on Podcast:


Hilliard City Schools – https://www.hilliardschools.org/

Dr. John Marshhausen Blog – https://lifeinfocus.me/

Stacie Raterman Bio:

Stacie serves Hilliard City Schools as Director of Communications and has been with the district since 2013. She graduated from Ohio University with her bachelor’s degree in Communication with a Journalism specialization.  She earned her master’s degree in Communication from Ohio University. Stacie’s main responsibility is to openly communicate with parents, community members, and staff the message of our district.

Stacie and her husband Dan have two sons in the district.  Their family stays busy with hockey, soccer and Boy Scouts.

Contact Stacie – stacie_raterman@hboe.org

Unscripted with Curt Harding

Todays Unscripted guest is Curt Harding. Curt is a writer, speaker, story teller, author, reporter, producer, publicist, DJ, 80’s music fan, Huey Lewis fan, husband and #Girldad to twins. He and his wife Polly live and work in Nashville, Tennessee. What a rich 30 minutes discussing all of that but mainly writing and sharing your story. We talk writing, storytelling, jobs, working for Dave Ramsey and being a girl dad. For the benefit of the audience, we saved our 80’s music until the very end. I am a better man for knowing Curt. He will bless your day.

Key Takeaways:

“It’s impossible to hate somebody if you take the time to hear their story.”

“You have to find your way sometimes and

“If you’ve got an idea, just get it out there. Write it!”

“Just write what you feel and what you’re experiencing.”

“A leader does not let gossip in the building.”

Also available on Podcast:


Curts Harding’s Website – http://curtharding.com

Contact Curt: curt@curtharding.com

Tail of Two Kitties Book: http://curtharding.com/shop/

Dave Ramsey: https://www.daveramsey.com/

Total Money Makeover Book: https://www.daveramsey.com/store

In case you don’t know or wondered……This is Right Said Fred…… Listen to the podcast and that will make sense.

Unscripted with Ryan Grammatico

Tonight I sat down with my good friend and band of brother, Ryan Grammatico. Ryan is the Community Engagement Director for Right Moves for Youth in Charlotte, North Carolina. We met over a decade ago but if you watch the video, you’ll see that this was literally only the third time we’ve talked face to face. I am blessed to call him friend. You’ll hear about the incredible work he is doing in his community both in his job and on his own. We talk race, changing the score and end talking about being a “Girl Dad.” Video and podcast available below. Links to items mentioned throughout the video below as well.

Key takeaways:

“Seek less to be understood, seek more to understand.”

“You can’t just put a black box on your social media and think you changed the world.”

“God stays faithful to those who are faithful.”

“We have 150,000 students in Charlotte Mecklenburg county and one school district”

“My girls shifted the way I view humanity”

Available via Podcast:


Unscripted Podcast – https://anchor.fm/aaronconrad

Right Moves For Youth – https://www.rightmovesforyouth.org/

Equitas – Equitas.cc

Ryan Grammatico on Twitter – @RyanGrammatico

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz – https://amzn.to/3bFUey6

Discussing Race, Sports and America

I recently had the blessing of hosting a zoom call with 3 guys I have so much respect for. Tonight we squeezed a lot of conversation in a limited zoom allowance. I can’t thank them enough for their time and the conversation. We discussed some important topics and still found a way to smile. May we all treat one another the way these guys have always treated me.

Key takeaways:

“We all talk a different language, talking in defense.”

“”We’ve been fighting this war for a long time. Stuff is just getting recorded now.”

Also available via podcast:


Beans and Brews in Utah: https://www.beansandbrews.com/