Multi-Sport Athletes By Emma Conrad

“Hey dad, can you read my essay?” That’s the words I heard. When I read it I could not be more proud of Princess 1.0. THAT and it’s my blog and I’ll post what I want to. I’m biased but … Continue reading Multi-Sport Athletes By Emma Conrad

Why Grown Men Cried

It’s been over 24 hours now. My wife is probably glad I’ll quit talking about if he will or if he won’t return. I wanted to write this yesterday but this is my first chance to get enough time to put it all into words. Before I really get into it, I need to unpack a few things. Hopefully you’ll stick around for the whole post. Especially if you’re not from Cleveland or Ohio. Even if you swore you’d never forgive what Lebron did or if you care less about basketball. Maybe after reading his essay (which will be 100 … Continue reading Why Grown Men Cried

Storming The Court

Last night UNC beat duke in the first of their two meetings this season. It was a great game and the rivalry never disappoints. Immediately following the game, the fans “stormed the court.” As soon as ESPN cut to the highlights of the game, they began to question if this should have been done. This, after all, is North Carolina. Just so we’re clear, I tweeted this as soon as I saw it: As you can see, I didn’t agree with it. I think it gives a more talented rival fuel for a game that will take place in … Continue reading Storming The Court

Kinda Like Camelot

I love this town. Last night around 9:45 I was less than pleased. Chris Perez had just blown a critical save for the Indians…..again. With so much riding on every win and loss at this point in the season, our beloved Indians cannot afford to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. It doesn’t help when the guy serving up the home runs (2 in the 9th inning last night) has been less than appreciative of the fan base and his own teammates. But there we were. As Bob Baptist tweeted… So I tuned in in the bottom of the … Continue reading Kinda Like Camelot

What Danny Green Can Teach Us

Have you been watching the NBA Finals? Even if you haven’t you’ve probably seen an unfamiliar name trending on twitter and featured in the highlights on ESPN. Former Tar Heel Danny Green is literally setting Finals records with a 3-point shooting display beyond imagination. He passed “being on fire” around game 3 and it now flat out getting buckets. Everyone is surprised….but me….and Danny Green. It’s been well documented, but Danny was drafted in the second round out of The University of North Carolina (pause for respect….) by the Cleveland Cavaliers. That’s right, my favorite NBA team drafted one of … Continue reading What Danny Green Can Teach Us

Embracing Your Two Point O.

Have you ever quit a dream job? Ever get let go from a job? Ever end a relationship or quit training for something only to regret or miss it after time passed? Today I watched a press conference for new Cavaliers Coach, Mike Brown. Look, I’m a Cleveland guy so I still follow the teams (except the Browns, I left that camp a long time ago) and all the drama. Yes, I sat there tonight and watched a 30 minute presser and I’m not sure why. Yet I did take some lessons from that 30 minutes so it wasn’t a … Continue reading Embracing Your Two Point O.

My 2013 Tournament Predictions

You have no idea how much this sickens me. Honestly. For a guy that bleeds Carolina Blue, it was very difficult to fill out this bracket. But it is that season and we are diehard college hoop fans at our house. The other 4 members of my house actually completed their brackets Sunday night. In true form, the girls usually win the challenge and Princess 2.0 usually takes home the crown. That tells you what my picks are worth. Disclaimers out of the way, here it is…. (Printable Version HERE) Full Analysis: Every year, I automatically take UNC and pencil … Continue reading My 2013 Tournament Predictions

I’m also an agent

In all the books I’ve ever read about fatherhood, I have yet to find one that listed “agent” as one of the duties. Maybe the world has changed and evolved since those books were written. Maybe it’s just our town, but based on what I’m hearing, it’s everywhere. It’s a little crazy, but it is what it is. I am my kids Dad and I’m also their agent. For a small price, I will be your kids agent too….(not true).┬áThe great Jerry Maguire once said… I will not rest until I have you holding a Coke, wearing your own shoe, … Continue reading I’m also an agent