Unscripted with David Elijah

David Elijah was “living the dream” as an artist touring, singing, songwriting and even shared a tour with Katy Perry. Something was missing. Something was telling him he was made for more. This episode is an incredible story of leaving what many would chase to live for a bigger story. Gods story. So thankful for David. His passion and energy are contagious. I am inspired tonight to believe in the greater vision that God has for each one of us. He will show up when we are open and available. Thank you David.


New Hope Calvary Chapel Church – https://www.nhccchurch.com/

Unscripted with John Stewart Hill – findahousechurch.com

John Stewart Hill is a businessman, author, and award winning Entrepreneur with his Dallas based company, The Good Contractors List. He is married to his wife Cindy, who is now CEO of the company. He has 2 children, 3 step children, and 5 grandkids. He is currently Founder and CEO of Central Storehouse and working in full time ministry without taking a salary. John is also the author of the 2016 book “Loving God Without All The Answers: Hope for Even Me” His favorite term for how he lives his life is “Gumpin’ it.”

In this episode we learn what “Gumpin’ it” means but more importantly, John shares his passion for his new site, findahousechurch.com. FindAHouseChurch.com believes that the church needs to be relational, and so the site is designed to help align people with a likeminded community. Users simply create a profile, and begin their search for a nearby house church, filtering results by parameters such as by distance, childcare requirements, day of the week, and denomination. After identifying potential communities, users fill out an online form to begin communicating with the house church. Many house churches have limits on the number of attendees, so this allows the church itself to regulate the number of people they are communicating with and get to know the person before sharing their address.

We discuss the way you can find the site, find a match, feel safe and connect with the body of Christ as we were meant to from the start. Johns passion is contagious and his vision for this site is awesome. You will hear his heart to connect us to one another and find a community which we all so desperately need. Especially in the times we live in.


Find A House Church – http://www.findahousechurch.com

Central Storehouse Inc – https://www.centralstorehouse.org/

Unscripted with Roger Miller

In short, Roger Miller is one of the key influences in who I am today. In High School he was one of my heroes. Someone I looked up to so highly. In this episode, Roger and I talk about our early years with some powerful discussion around influence. We talk about his live show (Tues@7 on facebook) with creatives from all over. It’s crazy that after all of these years, a man that influenced me growing up and I have similar projects in different spaces.

You will enjoy our reunion and our conversation. Roger provides incredible wisdom and I am better today after having spoken to one of my heroes. Thank you Roger.


Check out Tues@7 on Facebook –  https://www.facebook.com/groups/385753735423902

Roger on TikTok – @rogercreates

Video available on youtube – https://youtu.be/WmO1b3WJCCs

Unscripted with Author Michael Thompson

A few years ago my best friend sent me a text and said “You have to read this book!” I unfortunately didn’t have the time to pick it up or read it and he continued to remind me. Now I know why. Todays guest is Michael Thompson, author of the incredible book “The Heart Of A Warrior.”

Michael Thompson is a teacher and mentor, the author of Search and Rescue, and a guide for the hearts of men and women. He and his wife, Robin, are the founders and directors of Zoweh Ministries in Durham, North Carolina. Zoweh functions as both a spiritual “medic team” and an outpost to help men and women experience intimacy and connectedness with God and others.

Married to Robin since 1990, Michael is the father of three daughters, Ashley, Hannah, and Abbey. He and his family live in a redemptive community of friends and allies who work together to experience Life together and offer Life to all whom God brings across their path. The Thompsons live in Durham.

In this episode we just begin to scratch the surface of what it means to be a Beloved Son and warrior. There is much to unpack and the best advice is to visit Zoweh.org for more information, resources and to begin your journey as well. Several years ago that friend recommended I get the book and now I know just why. He has discovered his is beloved son and wants the same for those in his life. What an honor to have Michael on Unscripted!


Zoweh Ministry – Zoweh.org

The Heart Of A Warrior Book – https://www.amazon.com/Heart-Warrior-Before-Become-Beloved/dp/099623280X

Unscripted with Coach Matt Doherty

There are moments in our lives if we take opportunities that we have to stop and say, “wow, is this really happening?” Todays Unscripted is with former Player, Coach and Leader and author of the new book “Rebound: From Pain to Passion – Leadership Lessons Learned,” Matt Doherty.

Matt Doherty played and coached basketball at the University of North Carolina . He started on the 1982 National Championship team with NBA greats Michael Jordan & James Worthy. The program was led by legendary coach Dean Smith. Matt went on to coach college basketball. He was the head coach at Notre Dame before taking over the UNC program. He led the Tar Heels to the 2001 regular season ACC Championship while being named AP National Coach of the Year.

Matt is now a consultant while broadcasting games for the ACC Network. Since his time at UNC, Coach Doherty worked as the head coach at FAU and SMU in addition to working at ESPN, the Indiana Pacers and the Atlantic 10 Conference.

Matt is married to Kelly and has two children, Tucker and Hattie. They reside in Mooresville, NC.

In this episode, we discuss leadership, coaching and so much more. Most importantly we discuss his new book, “Rebound: From Pain to Passion – Leadership Lessons Learned.” I learned so much from this episode and the lessons that Coach has learned over the years. This is a story of finding yourself, forgiveness, grace and making strength from moments in our lives. I am better today for having this opportunity to speak to Coach today. You can pre-order his book “Rebound from Pain To Passion – Leadership Lessons Learned” at the link below.


Rebound: From Pain to Passion – Leadership Lessons Learned – https://www.amazon.com/dp/1734085010/

Coach Matt Doherty Website – https://coachmattdoherty.com/

Coach Matt Doherty on Twitter – @DohertyMatt

Unscripted with Joey Powell – Me Fine Foundation

Several years ago I began following Joey Powell on twitter. As an empath, I find deep connections with those that I follow on twitter. It’s just the way I am wired. Their stories become stories I follow too. Their passions become things I am passionate about as well. Joey Powell is not only the host of multiple podcasts for Inside Carolina, he is also the Executive Director for an amazing foundation called “Me Fine.”

What an honor to host him in this episode. In this interview we discuss twitter, life, the amazing Me Fine Foundation and of course Tar Heel Basketball. I also manage to squeeze in a request for my friends at Johnny T-Shirt in Chapel Hill to sponsor the show. Appreciate Joey. Appreciate his friendship and the time he would carve out to join Unscripted.

Find out more about Me Fine and his other projects at the links below.




Unscripted with Christian Chapman

Christian Chapman is a man of many talents. A remarkable man of God that lives and preaches the word with great conviction. He has lived and continues to live life to the full. Check this out.

– Graduated from Southern Wesleyan University where he was a scholarship baseball player and later became a Hall of Fame member because of some of his accomplishments on the field.

– Played baseball overseas as a missionary with Athletes In Action.

– NASCAR Chaplain

– Won Reality Racing TV show on Spike TV

– Was on Wild World of Sports TV show while racing in the worlds most dangerous race the Baja 1000 in the desert of Mexico

– Author of 2 books “Testify” and “Breaking Down Walls” working on 3rd book now called “The Revenant”

– Song writer and piano player of 30 years and working on new album now called “Songs From The Heart” and three of my songs are on all music platforms today

– Campus pastor and church planter for Steele Creek Church of Charlotte

– Most importantly married to Amy for 32 years and has 3 boys Malachi, Isaiah, and Jeremiah

We cover a lot of topics in this episode including faith, family, career, finding your passion, living your best life and stepping into opportunities. What an honor to host my friend and brother in this Unscripted interview.


Website is christianchapman.org

Steele Creek Church – https://steelecreek.org

Unscripted with Doug Bender – I Am Second

Doug Bender is an I Am Second writer and small groups coach. He developed many of the small group tools found at iamsecond.com and has coached churches, organizations, and individuals to use I Am Second groups to share the message of Jesus with their friends and family. I recently sat down with Doug to discuss the launch of his new I Am Second book – I Found Love.

Doug and I met about 8 years ago when I had the incredible honor of contributing a post to the I Am Second blog. One of the highest honors of my blogging days. From the beginning, I have been a fan of I Am Second and their incredible ministry. In this episode we discuss their early books, the vision and growth of this incredible movement. I Found Love is the highly anticipated new book from I Am Second, gathering together stories of people who searched everywhere for fulfillment and wholeness and found it only when they surrendered to God.

People whose stories appear include the following, among others: David and Tamela Mann Jason Castro Sean Lowe Stephen Baldwin Moving, compelling, and profoundly inspiring, the stories found here remind us that our hearts will always be restless until they find their rest in God and always unsatisfied until we find the love of God. I am so thankful for all that I Am Second has provided.

Incredible movement with powerful stories for everyone. The book launches January 6th but can be pre-ordered now.


Pre-Order “I Found Love” – https://iamsecond.com I Found Love book – https://www.amazon.com/Found-Love-Discovering-Belonging-Friendship/dp/1400210380

I Am Second – https://iamsecond.com

Unscripted with Coach Mike Deegan

Coach Mike Deegan is the Head Baseball Coach at Denison University but that is not all. He is a mentor, teacher, speaker and friend. From his website – “Mike Deegan’s 15-year coaching and mentoring career can be summed up by a single phrase – “pursuing excellence.”

For Mike, the game is not about strategy or X’s and O’s. It’s about people. Baseball teams, like any organization, are successful at the intersection of strong leadership, a team-centric approach and a positive, organically developed culture.”

In this episode, Coach Deegan and I covered many topics like coaching, leadership, learning, recruiting, his book “Let It Rip” and his newest project – Clear Learn. I appreciate Coach spending time on Unscripted and his mentorship in my life.


Register for Coach Deegan’s session on ClearLearn.com – https://clearlearn.com/

Coach Deegan’s Website – https://www.coachmikedeegan.com/

Coach Deegan on Twitter – https://twitter.com/CoachDeegan/

Coach Deegan on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-deegan-98047078/

SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/unscripted-one-on-one/id1531035768

Unscripted with Chad Fisher – Founding Pastor, Rock City Church

This Unscripted is my exclusive interview with the Founding Pastor and Lead Pastor for Rock City Church in Columbus, Chad Fisher. About 10 years ago, my family and attended our first service at Rock City. Over the past 9 years we have watched a “church that meets in a movie theater” become one of the largest influences in the City of Columbus and across the United States.

In this episode, Chad gives some of the history of the very beginning of Rock City, the incredible generosity of this church, what it means to “stand on the shoulders” of those that have paved the way for our faith. While there were so many topics we could have discussed and history we could have covered, I am thankful for the time that Chad carved out for this podcast.

At the time of this recording, we are just ahead of Christmas Eve services at Rock City but no matter when you view/listen to this episode, I recommend visiting RockCityChurch.tv to see the impact this church is making for your self. We are honored to serve and call this church our home.

LINK: RockCityChurch.TV

Unscripted with Matt McCoy – Country Song Teacher

Todays Unscripted Episode is with Matt McCoy. Best known as Country Song Teacher and Youtube Influencer, Matt is a man with a lot of projects. Last year I went to youtube seeking some instruction on how to play a certain song. My search immediately led me to one of Matt’s videos. I knew right away that his channel would become a favorite of mine. Apparently I am not alone because has has over 170,000 subscribers on his channel.


We went Unscripted because I figured I am not the only person that can use some tips on playing songs I hear on the radio. At the time of this recording, the holidays are right around the corner. I imagine many will dust off the old guitar, purchase a new guitar or give a guitar as a gift. I can think of no better place to start than my friend Matt’s channel.

In addition to all of that, Matt also maintains a full time job, loves fitness, his family and Jesus. He often expresses his faith in his videos on. youtube and on his instagram channel. A great guy that is full of energy and life. I enjoyed this entire interview and look forward to meeting up with him again some day in North Carolina.

Check out his links below!

Youtube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/CountryS…

Instagram – @countrysongteacher

Website – countrysongteacher.com

Unscripted with Delaney Baker

Delaney Baker is currently the bass play for Luke Combs. Possibly one of the most popular artists in country music right now. To date, this might be one of the most powerful Unscripted podcasts and stories I have ever done. Delaney is kind enough to share his memories of a mass shooting in Las Vegas, life on the road, and many other things. I am so proud of this man for facing his addictions and sharing his story publicly. I am honored he would share them on my podcast. We do talk a little Luke Combs but this is about Delaney’s story, his experiences and his journey. What a great honor.

Referenced in this interview:

Unscripted with Dennis Loughry

In 1992 I graduated from college and began my first job. It was at that time that I met my friend Dennis Loughry. This episode is dedicated too many things. First is the wisdom of Dennis and the things he has learned on this journey through working, politics and raising a family. We also talk about the massive changes we’ve seen in Corporate America over the years. We do this by telling the story of the little company that hired me all those years ago.

I also tell the story of how Dennis Loughry and a simple phone call forever changed the score for my family and my life. I am thankful for Dennis. I’m thankful for his friendship. I’m thankful that, for whatever reason, he saw something in me. As we all navigate our way through the end of 2020, may his wisdom, words and story you inspire to do the same thing for someone else.

Unscripted with Ryan Stigile

Ryan Stigile is the Co-founder of Nuvo Church in Columbus, Ohio. We recently went Unscripted to discuss their vision for this new church, why they chose Columbus, their timeline for launch and much, much more. On December 20th, Nuvo is doing a unique “Christmas At Home” to usher in this holiday season. My family and I plan on taking part. Excited to see all that is ahead for Nuvo as they begin to answer the tough questions of faith that people wrestle with here in Columbus.


Nuvo Church – https://www.nuvochurch.org/

Christmas At Home – nuvochurch.org/box

Contact Ryan – ryan.stigile@nuvochurch.org

Unscripted with Christopher Greco

Adversity. If there was one word for this year that isn’t Covid, it would likely be adversity. My guest on episode number 52 of #Unscripted is Author, Leader, visionary, multiple triathlete, father, husband and CEO Christopher Greco His story of facing adversity at a very young age to the many ways he has worked to overcome it is inspiring. Not only has he overcome adversity, he now shares with the world how you can too.

In his new book, “8 Steps To Overcome Everyday Adversity” Christopher shares the real and practical ways we can begin to take on the challenges that each of us face. No matter what those challenges are. The book even includes space to write and reflect as you take this journey through its pages. What an honor to speak to Christopher today and have him share his story. You can find his book on Amazon (link below) or his personal website. This is the way to start a new year, a new chapter and a new you. Thank you Christopher. It was such an honor!


Christopher Greco Website – https://www.christophergreco.org/

Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/8-Steps-Overcoming-Everyday-Adversity/dp/1951591275/

Unscripted with CJ Volkmann – Cooking with CJ

My exclusive #Unscripted with youtube (Cooking with CJ) and social media influencer CJ Volkmann was one of the most memorable recordings I have ever done. In pack a lot of different topics into this one episode. For those that have a Ninja Foodi Grill, you are likely already familiar with CJ’s channel on youtube (nearly 33K followers). If you are thinking of purchasing a Ninja Foodi or recently got one, you will want to subscribe to his channel for sure.   

While we discussed the Ninja Foodi off and on, we really dug into CJ’s story of how he started, his brands, what he has learned, growing your youtube channel and much, much more. We actually talked before recording and after recording until my computer literally crashed. Below are all the ways you can subscribe, follow and purchase products from CJ’s store. Can’t thank him enough for his time and joining #Unscripted.  


Cooking With CJ on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/CookingWithCJ  

Cj’s Que on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Cj’sQue  

Cooking With CJ on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/cookingwithcjchannel  

My Ninja Kitchen Affiliate Link: https://ninjakitchen.pxf.io/NZ0bK  

To purchase any of my Dalstrong Knives click this link. Enter code CJCOOKS at checkout for 10% off your order. https://dalstrong.com/?rfsn=4078937.d1b6297  

To purchase your own Hailey Home custom cutting board click this link.  Enter code COOKINGWITHCJ at checkout for 15% off your order.  https://www.haileyhome.com?p=B12Sq7Du8  

Check out my Ninja Foodi Grill Facebook group to share all your pics, ideas, questions and recipes!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/2803035659710624/?ref=share  

Instagram: @_Cookingwithcj and @cjsque

Unscripted with Adam Lucas

Adam Lucas grew up dreaming of becoming a Carolina basketball player. A severe lack of both height and talent curtailed that dream, but he discovered another way to get as close as possible to the Tar Heels–writing about Carolina sports. Since 2001, he has been the publisher of Tar Heel Monthly and a featured columnist on the official athletic department website, GoHeels.com. He has authored or co-authored seven books on Carolina Basketball. Adam lives in Cary with his wife, Jennifer, and four children (From Amazon).

Personally, Adam Lucas is one of the 2 most influential people in my writing aspirations. He and Max Lucado inspired me to be whatever kind of writer that I have done. In this episode, we talk about his story, his history with UNC, favorite teams, players, memories and so much more. I cannot thank Adam enough for his time.


Adam Lucas on GoHeels.com

Adam Lucas on Twitter – https://twitter.com/jadamlucas

Adam Lucas Books – http://jadamlucas.com/books/

Inside Carolina Podcast – https://247sports.com/podcast/inside-carolina-podcast-18/

Adam Lucas Books on Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/Adam-Lucas/e/B001JP9M6I?ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1&qid=1607124043&sr=8-1

Unscripted with Pete Wilson

For over a decade, Pete Wilson has been my “internet Pastor.” From my connection to Cross Point Church in Nashville as an almost employee, to his books and the Sunday online services, Pete has seen me through many seasons. So what happens when your internet Pastor steps down? Where is he now? What is he doing and what wisdom can he provide in the midst of this season? In this episode, we answer all of those questions and many more. I am forever thankful to Pete, Cross Point, the staff and all those that have spoken into my life the last 10 years. I appreciate him joining Unscripted today and his leadership in my life.



“I will abandon my dreams but I won’t abandon my God.” (Pete Wilson – Plan B Book)

“When life doesn’t turn out the way you thought it was going to turn out, you may think you’re losing control. But the truth is you never had control in the first place. The only thing you do control is how you respond to your disappointments and your unexpected obstacles.”

“You can’t be grateful for something you feel entitled to.”

“The higher your sense of entitlement, the lower your sense of gratitude.”

“For anybody to have hope, they have to believe that their best days are ahead.”

“Dreams make lousy Gods.”

“Chase after God first. Chase after the Dreams second.”

“Success breeds the illusion of control.”


Good Talk Podcast with Pete and Jordyn Wilson – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/good-talk/id1538499571

Dream Year – https://www.theplaceforgood.com/

Cross Point Church – https://crosspoint.tv/

Plan B Book – https://amzn.to/3of9g2M

Empty Promises Book – https://amzn.to/3lAeRik

Let Hope In – https://amzn.to/37xqDoT

Unscripted Season of Giving – Andy Warnock

Special Unscripted Episode for Christmas 2020. We are sponsoring the Season of Giving. All revenue from the Unscripted store the next 2 weeks will go to Dots Tots Foundation and Families For A Cure. Andy joined us quickly tonight to talk about Dots Tots and all that they are doing to help our local community and those in need. Find out more at https://dotstots.org/.



Dots Tots Organization – https://dotstots.org/

Email – contact@dotstots.org


Episode One with Andy Warnock – https://aaronconrad.com/2020/09/24/unscripted-with-andy-warnock/

Unscripted Season of Giving – Pat Puhl

Special Episode tonight. I am starting my #Unscripted Season of Giving this week. I will sponsor two foundations I believe in. The first is Families for a Cure and my friend Pat Puhl. This quick episode is to bring awareness to ways we can all support this incredible foundation. Personally, I will be donating all of the profits of my upcoming #Unscripted store to these 2 charities over the next 2 weeks. Subscribe and review on iTunes and Youtube and I’ll do the rest. Thank you Pat for coming on so quickly!

Important Links:

Toy Drive @ Ten Pin Alley in Hilliard – December 5th

Online Auction with Hilliard Rotary Club – December 9th @ 8:00am – December 11th. (Link Coming Soon)

Cash Donations, items – FamiliesForACure.org

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Special Episode tonight. I am starting my #Unscripted Season of Giving this week. I will sponsor two foundations I believe in. The first is Families for a Cure and my friend Pat Puhl. This quick episode is to bring awareness to ways we can all support this incredible foundation. Personally, I will be donating all of the profits of my upcoming #Unscripted store to these 2 charities over the next 2 weeks. Subscribe and review on iTunes and Youtube and I’ll do the rest. Thank you Pat for coming on so quickly!

Important Links:

Toy Drive @ Ten Pin Alley in Hilliard – December 5th

Online Auction with Hilliard Rotary Club – December 9th @ 8:00am – December 11th. (Link Coming Soon)

Cash Donations, items – FamiliesForACure.org

Unscripted with Edward Buchanan

Ohio Born Edward Buchanan became Bottega Veneta’s design directer after graduating from Parson’s School of Design in 1995, and was charged with building the brand’s ready-to-wear collection from scratch. He stayed at Bottega for six years before launching his own project; subsequent years saw him working with Sean Combs and Jennifer Lopez on their clothing lines. In 2009, he launched Sansovino 6, a contemporary collection with a focus on knitwear. Now officially Milanese, he consults for brands like Max Mara and Stefanel, in addition to fueling his personal projects. (Source)

Edward has been my friend since our days growing up and attending Bedford High School. We share a lot of our memories over these two episodes.

In the first episode, I surprised Edward with 2 other friends from Bedford High School and his brother (fresh on a break from a concert). We had a lot of laughs and I share the story about a former classmate that is sad, remarkable and powerful. (see photo below)

In the second episode, Edward and I go one-on-one to have a deep conversation regarding some of the differences in our world today and how we can hope to find better days.

I am so proud of Edward and all of his success! I am blessed to call him my friend.




Edward Buchanan on Instagram: @sansovino6

Andrew Jordan Photography – andrewjordanphotography.com

Andrew on Instagram – @andrewjordanphoto

Taylor Made Golf – taylormade.com


Unscripted with Kari Jobe

Kari Jobe is a Grammy Nominated, multiple Dove Award Winning artist. For more than 2 decades, Kari Jobe has been using her gifts to lead people into the presence of God. She began leading worship at the age of 13. She has an RIAA Gold Certified Single and has been praised by the New York Times.

She has sold more than 1.2 Million albums in her career and has over ONE Billion career streams.

She has an audience of more than 2.3 million followers on facebook

1.3 million followers on instagram

958,000 subscribers on youtube

684,000 followers on twitter.

Originally from Texas and now residing in Nashville, she tours with her husband Cody Carnes (Who my daughters LOVE by the way) and their 2 boys Canyon and Kingston.

I cannot begin to thank Kari for making time to come on the Unscripted Podcast. She is exactly who I imagined she would be. Her time is so valuable and I am so very honored she would join this podcast.

Find out more about Kari at the following links:



“Open up the windows, let the light in.” – Rock City Church

Unscripted with Dave Schroeder

Christian, husband, #girldad, history and fiction reader, movie quoter, golfer, and rabid St. Louis Cardinals fan. Literary agent and co-host of the (Mal)ContentsPod. In this episode we tell many stories of our friendship, how we met, adventures we have shared and much, much more.

We talk writing, books, authors, going viral and the state of books. Dave is a connector, a friend and someone worth hearing his story. I am blessed to call him friend.


Twitter – @DavidMSchroeder

The (Mal)Contents Podcast – https://www.bloggingtheologically.com…

Unscripted with Mike Wells

Today’s Unscripted is with Utah Jazz and MNVU alumni Mike Wells. Wells’ experience in the NBA began in 1995 with Houston, where he started as an assistant video coordinator and worked his way up the ranks to a job as an assistant coach before leaving the Rockets in 2004 to become an assistant with the Los Angeles Lakers for one season (2004-05) under head coach Rudy Tomjanovich.

Wells then went to work for San Antonio from 2005-09, with the Spurs winning an NBA championship (2007) during his time there. He also spent two seasons with the Washington Wizards (2009-11) before moving on to George Mason University, where he spent two seasons (2011-13), followed by one season (2013-14) at the University of South Florida before taking the job at Toledo. Wells also worked as the head scout for Team USA from 1998-2003, helping with a squad which won the gold medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics and a bronze medal at the 1998 FIBA World Championships.

Wells is a 1993 graduate of Mount Vernon Nazarene, where he played basketball for two seasons and earned a degree in sports management, then served as an assistant coach for two seasons while earning his Master’s Degree in sports science from the United States Sports Academy.


Unscripted with Justin Brown

Justin Brown is the Director of Baseball Development & Leadership at Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports. He writes about coaching & leadership @ http://staythecourseleaders.com. In this episode, Justin shares his journey from walk-on to starting pitcher at MVNU as well as his journey to Head Coach at two Universities. He is a student of leadership and I am blessed to call him my friend and co-worker. Great things are ahead for Justin and his family. He is a voice in the leadership space and I am thankful for his time.


To subscribe to Justin’s email newsletter, visit https://www.staythecourseleaders.com/subscribe

Unscripted with Chris McNeil (@Reflog_18)

Chris McNeil is best knows as @Reflog_18 on twitter where he has over 350,000 followers. His tweets are humorous and often poke fun at his favorite Cleveland teams. Or maybe he is most famous for organizing a parade to mark the “Perfect Season” when the Cleveland Browns lost every game. I this episode, we talk Cleveland Sports, The Raiders, Bo Jackson, Albert Belle, The Perfect Season Parade, Cavs, twitter trolling and several other topics. He was as hilarious #Unscripted as he is on twitter. One of the funniest episodes I have been a part of recording. Thankful for his time and the ability to make us laugh no matter how our team is doing.



McNeil on Twitterhttps://twitter.com/Reflog_18

Unscripted with Nate Eckhart

Nate Eckhart is the Outreach Pastor at Rock City Church in Columbus, Ohio. A majority of his time is spent in a lot of other countries serving the less fortunate. When he is not on a mission trip, he can be found serving this city through a variety of ways. I don’t know that I have ever meet someone more dedicated to others and dedicated to giving himself to make others lives better. I am honored to call him friend. You will hear his heart for others throughout this interview. His perspective will be something you want to hear.



Rock City Churchhttp://rockcitychurch.tv

Child Sponsorshiphttp://rockcitychurch.tv/childsponsor

Email NateNateEckhart@rockcitychurch.tv

Unscripted with Sherrell McMillan

I recently sat down with Sherrell McMillan to discuss his career, Kirk Franklin, UNC hoops teams past and present and a look ahead. Sherrell is a Communications Consultant in Charlotte, North Carolina that also writes for InsideCarolina.com. As I told him in our interview, he has been a lifeblood for a fan like me living in Ohio. His coverage of recruiting and all things Carolina is something I follow regularly. I have often believed that one of the greatest marks of a person is if they are in real life who they appear to be online. Sherrell is that guy. I feel like a made a new friend tonight. We’ve followed one another on twitter for a few years but I am a fan of his podcasts, recaps and work. If you are a Carolina fan, you won’t want to miss this one. Thank you Sherrell for joining Unscripted!



Sherrell on Twitter – https://twitter.com/RellDMC

Inside Carolina – InsideCarolina.com

Inside Carolina Podcast – https://247sports.com/podcast/inside-carolina-podcast-18/

Me Fine Foundation – https://www.mefinefoundation.org/

Sherrell McMillan: Sherrell was promoted to basketball recruiting director in 2016 after contributing to Inside Carolina’s hoops recruiting coverage for the prior 15 years. He’s developed a network of contacts and sources that have made him the leading expert on UNC Basketball recruiting. {email}

Unscripted with Matt Loede

Most already know my love for all things Cleveland. In this episode I have the honor of interviewing one of the great voices in Cleveland sports. Matt Loede has been a Cleveland sports reporter since 1994 and is a Cancer Survivor. He writes for his own web site at NEOSportsInsiders.com and SI.com. He is one of the most respected people in his industry and that is clear by how his peers openly speak about him and his journey on social media. In this episode, we hear from Matt about his career in communications, sports and his battle against cancer. He also gives advice for anyone wanting to enter the sports communication industry. I was blessed by our time tonight and you will be too.



When cancer hits, faith is tested as Matt Loede battles for his life — Terry Plutohttps://www.cleveland.com/tribe/2019/07/when-cancer-hits-faith-is-tested-as-matt-loede-battles-for-his-life-terry-pluto.html

NEOSports Insiderhttps://www.neosportsinsiders.com/

Twitter https://twitter.com/MattLoede

Unscripted with Dave Parsons

Dave Parsons is the PR and Communications Manager for Donatos in Columbus, Ohio. He is also an avid runner and has been a friend to me since our days at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. He is a great example of someone that takes every opportunity available and steps into it. He squeezes every moment out of every day. Often it’s before many of us even wake up. He is an encourager and inspiration. We also shared the court the night we won an intramural championship back in college. What an honor to have Dave on the podcast tonight to tell the story of Donatos, running and relive a few memories. You can find him at the links below:

Twitter – @DPontheGo

Instagram – @DP_On_The_Go

BLOG – dponthego.wordpress.com



Unscripted with Senator Stephanie Kunze

As we lead up to the election, I am honored today to have Ohio State Senator Stephanie Kunze. In this episode we talk about her early career and what drives her to represent the people of Ohio. In a time of unrest and frustration with government, it is refreshing to know there are great people that still believe in representing the people. We are blessed to have Senator Kunze represent our cities. I am honored she would take the time to join #Unscripted.





Unscripted with Liz Miesen

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I have been blessed to have several volunteers come forward to share their story. Liz Miesen is a wife and mother of 3 children. She has battled cancer not once, but twice. Her first battle was with brain cancer and more recently she has fought breast cancer. Her story is inspirational and her outlook is so inspiring. Thank you Liz for joining Unscripted to share your story. We wish you nothing but continued victory!


Ohio Health Breast Cancer Center – https://www.ohiohealth.com/services/cancer/our-programs/breast-cancer/

Stefanie Spielman Cancer Center – https://cancer.osu.edu/locations/stefanie-spielman-comprehensive-breast-center

Susan G Komen Foundation – https://ww5.komen.org/

Bright Pink – https://brightpink.org/

Unscripted with Scott Zerkle

One of the more informative Unscripted interviews I have done since starting this podcast. Scott Zerkle is the owner, founder and chief college planning advisor for College Funding Solutions of Ohio, LLC. I met Scott a few years ago when we realized we were in no way prepared for college financial planning. In this interview, we talk about our story as well as the many ways that College Funding Solutions can assist regular families just like ours. I appreciate his help with our planning and the time he took to join me for this interview. It is worth the time to hear how he may be able to help you with planning too.



College Funding Ohio – https://collegefundingohio.com

Contact – 614-889-8043

W. Scott Zerkle is the owner, founder and chief college planning advisor for College Funding Solutions of Ohio, LLC.  Scott has a background as an independent financial adviser, as owner of Zerkle Financial Services, LLC, and has been in the financial industry since 1999. Scott is a trained “SET for College Advisor” in Strategic Education Technologies, a financial aid consultant, and has been recognized since 2010 as one of the nation’s top College Planners.  He is a member and participant with the nationally acclaimed College Planning Network, and both of his businesses are proud members of the Better Business Bureau.

Scott also combines his training in College funding and financial planning with a legal and tax background, having graduated from The Ohio State University College of Law in 1995. He graduated with his undergraduate degree from Wittenberg University (B.A. ’92).

Unscripted with Pastor Ken Murphy

Pastor Ken Murphy is the lead pastor of Cypress Church, which has an unwavering commitment to reach people for Christ. We sat down tonight to record #Unscripted and talk about his new podcast More with Murphy which is coming very soon. There you will find additional teaching beyond his Sunday teaching at cypresschurch.tv. We cover several key topics and I cannot say enough how honored I am to have a man and Pastor with his wisdom share with me tonight. Incredible lessons and wisdom in this episode.


Cypress Church – https://cypresschurch.tv

Teaching series – https://cypresschurch.tv/teaching

About Pastor Ken – https://cypresschurch.tv/staff

More with Murphy Podcast – https://morewithmurphy.com

Unscripted with Suzanne Glover

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Suzanne Glover is a mother and wife. While her mother was in her own battle, Suzanne was informed that she also had breast cancer. I appreciate her joining the podcast to share her story and inspire others. Early detection is so important.

Unscripted with Vicki Takei

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I had the absolute pleasure of a very special reunion 30 years in the making. Vicki Takei and I were best friends in high school. Life, as it does, happened and we lost touch until social media arrived. I have had the privilege of reconnecting and watching her beautiful family grow up through social media. In high school, Vicki lost her mom to breast cancer. She was only 15 years old. On this episode we catch up on some laughs and share her story. I’m blessed to call her friend.


Vicki on Instagram – @Rockonliving

Vicki’s blog – https://rockonliving.com/

“Two worlds collided and they could never tear us apart…”


Unscripted with Vinnie Pestano

Vinnie Pestano is a former MLB pitcher for the Cleveland Indians. Pestano attended Canyon High School (Anaheim, California) and California State University, Fullerton before being drafted by the Cleveland Indians in the 20th round of the 2006 MLB draft. Since 2007. Since retiring, Vinnie is now a real estate agent in Dublin, Ohio with The Conway Group.

You can find out more about Vinnie and The Conway Group at their web site – https://ryankconway.kw.com/team

Please note – There were a number of technical issues so the audio/video have been edited.

Unscripted with Pat Puhl

Pat Puhl is the President of Families for a Cure in Columbus, Ohio. Families for a Cure is a foundation with the goal of uniting others impacted by cancer to raise money that will help advance cancer research and provide patient care. As an organization, they pride themselves on their ability to use the money raised from their events, add it to the donations and support they receive from their business sponsors, and make the money do work that alone none of the individual support received could do. That’s the power of the family!

For more information, visit – https://familiesforacure.org/

Unscripted with Darren Carter

Darren Carter is a husband, foster parent and high school classmate from Bedford, Ohio. In this first segment, Darren and I talk about family, foster parenting, being a father and his new venture in a BBQ business. In the second segment, Darren and I have a thoughtful conversation about race in this country. I am so thankful for his friendship and willingness to talk through the tough conversations together. Here’s hoping we all see this country have more conversations and understanding.


Darren W Carter – http://darrenwcarter.com/

Carters BBQ – https://cartersbbqonline.com/

Unscripted with LeAnn Miller

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I am so thankful for the courageous women that have joined #Unscripted to share their stories. Tonights guest is LeAnn Miller. LeAnn is a wife and mother that, due to family history, regularly followed routine exams for 7 years. 3 years ago she was diagnosed with cancer just prior to Thanksgiving. Her story will inspire you. I am so thankful for her time and sharing her story.


The James Cancer Institute – https://cancer.osu.edu/

Stefanie Spielman Fondation – https://cancer.osu.edu/locations/stefanie-spielman-comprehensive-breast-center

Unscripted with Katie Sladek

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In honor of this important and critical awareness, I begin a series of #Unscripted with incredible women in various stages of this battle. My first is Katie Sladek. Her outlook will inspire you. Her toughness will encourage you. I could not have asked for a better guest to kick off this month. Thank you Katie!

Find out more about Katie at her blog – http://sladeklife.com/


Katie’s Blog – http://sladeklife.com/

Pink Ribbon Girls – PinkRibbonGirls.org

Pink Ribbon Girls provides Healthy Meals, Housecleaning, Rides to Treatment, and Peer Support to individuals with breast and gynecological cancers free of charge.

Our organization was created by women with breast cancer to support and empower others who are currently in the fight against breast and gynecological cancers. We strive to balance the fear and uncertainty that breast and gynecological cancers bring to individuals and families by providing free direct services to those throughout Central, Midwest, and Southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky, St. Louis, Missouri area, and San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Unscripted with Corby LaCroix

Corby LaCroix is the Worship Pastor for Northwest Bible Church but his path to get there is an interesting story. An early and successful career in country music which led to where he is today. He is one of the most talented people I know. We talk 90’s country music, worship music, family and many other things. He was recently appointed as a chaplain in the new chaplain program for Hilliard Division of Police and Norwich Township Fire Department. I am honored to call him friend.


Corby LaCroix – https://nwbible.org/about/staff/

Unscripted with Mark Calahan

Mark Calahan is the CEO, CFO, Lead Training, Operations Director and pretty much everything else for J5 Self Defense and Fitness. His passion for helping people in a variety of ways through fitness is contagious. He offers a variety of training options and defensive awareness. For more information, you can find J5 Self Defense and Fitness on facebook.


J5 Self Defense and Fitness on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/J5selfdefense

Contact Mark – mcalahan@bjescolumbus.com

Phone -614-352-1289

Unscripted with Gage Keys

Fun opportunity tonight to catch up with Hilliard Davidson’s own Gage Keys. Gage is a former basketball and football player at Hilliard Davidson and current Minnesota Golden Gopher. It was great to catch up with him and hear how he is preparing for the upcoming BIG10 season. *Note – we had some sound issues throughout the call.


Gage Keys on Twitter – https://twitter.com/5100keys

Unscripted with Brad Kochis

Brad Kochis is the Executive Director of Alumni Relations at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. I attended college and the same time as Brad and his wife Melissa and he has been a life-giving friend ever since. In the episode we talk about his new role at MVNU, being a youth pastor, lead pastor and growing a church. Incredible time with Brad Kochis today.


Mount Vernon Nazarene University – https://mvnu.edu

Contact Brad Kochis – brad.kochis@mvnu.edu

Unscripted with Coach Corey Kubbs

Corey Kubbs is an Assistant Coach at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. Went one-on-one in this episode to discuss playing for MVNU, coaching at MVNU, the challenges of COVID at the collegiate level and what it means to attend Mount Vernon Nazarene University. I am blessed that they wanted my son to be a part of their baseball program and not just between the lines.


Mount Vernon Nazarene University – http://mvnu.edu

MVNU Athletics – https://www.mvnucougars.com/

MVNU Baseball – https://www.mvnucougars.com/sport/0/3

Coach Kubbs on twitter – https://twitter.com/coreykubbs

Unscripted with Joe White

Joe White is a husband, father and fellow Mount Vernon Nazarene University alumni. We talk about his family and his son Evan. Evan is a rookie with the Seattle Mariners this season. Joe is one of the most humble and kind people I know and I’m honored to call him my friend. In this episode we discuss his family, his MLB son Evan, intramural championships and raising ballplayers. Thankful for his time and his friendship. Not jealous he has more intramural championships at MVNU than I do.