Someone Else’s Belief

“At some point in our lives we were the product of someone else’s belief.”

-Inky Johnson

I love me some Inky Johnson. If you aren’t familiar with him or his story, do yourself a favor and visit his Youtube channel. He and Simon Sinek are two guys that seem to hit me with every video or quote they put out. Just incredible clarity of purpose and inspiration.

Earlier today I was speaking with someone whom I have tremendous respect for. We were talking through a large deal that is in the works and I felt like I needed his “air support” in case we got close to ultimately closing the deal. His words on the other end of the phone were powerful.

“I don’t need to be on a call with them. I can, but I have full confidence in you and that you will come to an agreement that is best for us.”

I was reflecting on that tonight when I heard those words by Inky Johnson quoted at the top of this post. How true is that? How true is that not just once, but throughout our lives? We ARE the product of someone else’s belief in us. Not only that, we ARE the believer for someone else too. So, a few things to think about –

Who believed in you?

Who have you believed in?

Have you told them?

Earlier this week we were on another recruiting visit with our son. I’ve never been shy to say how proud I am of all three of our kids. When you hear a Coach of a University filled with a tradition of winning baseball say:

“We’ve seen you. We like you. We want you in our program.”

Something inside you smiles. To hear someone confirm not just him, but what you believe about him too is a powerful thing. All the hours. All of the hard work. All of the times you won and even the losses. Someone you respect speaks powerful words of belief. So think about this today….

Who believed in you?

Who have you believed in?

Have you told them?

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