Help Fund Jon-Lorond Saves the Day

bcc7da601c0ae8e4fca2843d48de5cde_large2 years ago, I wrote a review of a film that was life changing called “Three Hearts.” Tonight I received an email from the man that directed that incredible film with a personal request for something near to his heart. Though I’ve never met Arthur, I can appreciate his desire to see the book “Jon-Lorond Saves The Day” launched on many levels. The author of this childrens book is his wife, Hanna. The book is inspired by their children. The message of the book is something any parent can share in as well. From Arthur:

We have partnered with an award winning illustrator, named Luke Flowers, whose work is just brilliant!

Would you please consider visiting the KickStarter Campaign and supporting this project. I would appreciate it and I know that Arthur and his wife Hanna would certainly appreciate it too.

For a video and full details on the project, please visit

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