Here I am to….


I’m a sucker for worship nights. I can’t sing. I’m a hack on the guitar and can barely remember the years and years of piano lessons I had as a child. I have mad respect for those that have the gift of musical talents. Especially when those musical talents are used to usher people to a place of worship. There is something special about worship nights. Regardless of the church you are a part of, if you have the opportunity to attend one, anywhere, I highly recommend it. One of the most life-giving moments I have experienced the past 12 months was the night I drove to Nashville for an evening of worship at Cross Point Church. It came at the perfect time. It lifted my soul.

On Wednesday night a new friend of mine and the team of talented people that make up the worship team at his church are hosting a night of worship. Corby and I have had a few chances to get together and I love this guys heart. Beyond being crazy talented, his heart beats to lead worship. When I got his text saying they were having a Worship Night, you can bet I checked the calendar (AKA asked my wife). They are hosting an opportunity to press pause on all of the distractions and focus on THE most important thing. Maybe you’re at a place where your soul could use a little lifting. Maybe an hour of life-giving music and praise will help recalibrate as well.

I’m never sure who reads this, so if you’re not somewhere near Columbus, I encourage you to keep you eyes open for Worship Nights in your town too. I’m fairly certain whatever church is hosting wouldn’t mind your attending. It’s not about numbers. It’s not about growth. It’s about giving praise where it is due.

Here I am to worship.

Here I am to bow down.

Here I am to say that You’re my God.

For more information about Wednesdays Worship night visit

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