Little Moments


Several years ago, my mom and I were planting a garden next to our home in Bedford Heights, Ohio. My Grandfather, who was a truck driver at the time, was passing through Cleveland and thought he would surprise us. He parked his truck at the bottom of the hill we lived on and snuck up behind us as we were busy planting away. When he said “boo” my mom literally jumped up and split her pants. True story.

Little moments.

As a man that raised horses, it was a treat when we were kids to go to my grandparents home. On one occasion, I fell off of one of said horses, spooked the horse and got a bit dusted up. My Grandfather, rough hands and all, picked me up, and made a scary memory a treasured one.

Little moments.

While years have changed the relationships, family is still family. This evening I received word that my grandfather fell from a ladder. As the evening unfolded, I received another text that he had head trauma and had passed away. As I have reflected on his life tonight, you know what I remember most?

Little moments.

I touched on the passing of a high school classmate in this post earlier this week. I couldn’t help but think how that post highlighted the same thing…little moments. Tonight I felt led to pass this along.

I wonder if we don’t spend so much of our days creating little moments. I wonder if it’s the ones we don’t set out to make lasting that actually become the ones that leave the greatest memory for others. In the past week, 2 people that somehow walked through my life left footprints. One by making knockoff Air Jordans. One by surprising two people while passing through town. 2 seemingly random and small events. 2 little moments I will never forget.

So my word to whomever might stumble upon and read this tonight is this….make little moments. Send that text. Type that email. Surprise that friend. Do something that seems silly at the time. Write what’s on your mind. Tweet something that will make another laugh. Instagram a sunset or family moment. Facebook a favorite lyric. It may seem like a little moment at the time, but to the one on the receiving end, it will be anything but.

Make a little moment.

Or make one for someone else.

One thought on “Little Moments

  1. Aaron,
    I Am So Sorry To Hear Of The Loss Of Your Grandfather 😦 It Sounds Like He Was An AMAZING MAN!!! He Must Have Been AMAZING..Because He Obviously Had Such A Profound Impact On Your Life..You Are Now Carrying On The Legacy To Your Kids…And Friends What He Taught You 🙂 It’s Really Cool How That Works…What Happens In the Past Comes Back Full Circle 🙂
    I Am One Of Those People Who Have Always Thought Little Things Were More Important Than Big Huge Things!! 🙂 My Papaw Always Said…”Little Is “BIG” When God Is In It!! 🙂
    So Glad You Got To Have Those “LITTLE MOMENTS” With Your Grandpa!! Praying For You As You Walk This Difficult Path This Week…Yet Being Together With Those You Love, To Celebrate The Life Of One So Great And So Important In Your Life…The One That Taught You About The “LITTLE MOMENTS”
    I Will Be Praying For You, Heather, And Your Children As You Prepare To Say Your Earthly Goodbyes…But This Is NOT THE END For Your Grandfather…This Is Just A New Chapter On The Next Part Of His Journey. You Will Get To See Him Again One Day In That Awesome Place We Are ALL Waiting To See…Heaven…The New Jerusalem. For Now You Have Your Own Personal Guardian Angel Watching Over You.
    We Love You Mr. Aaron 🙂

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