Today I cursed the people that planted thorn bushes around our home.

Today I called about refinancing my mortgage.

Today I hit my head on a shed in the backyard.

Today I worried about my health probably more than I should have.

Today we told our gymnast daughter that it might be the end of her career in gymnastics.

Today I stressed over pending job interviews and future decisions.

Then I turned on the TV.

Today entire neighborhoods are gone.

Today people lost homes, cars, things and people they loved.

Today people suffered injuries far worse than a bump on their head.

Today 51 people lost their lives, none of them woke up thinking that would happen.

Today two schools were completely destroyed. Last I heard 20 of the 51 people that were killed were children.

Today people are holding on to one another thankful that they have that, even if nothing else.

Today I gained perspective.

Today hurt but not for any of the reasons that happened before I turned on that TV.

Today I mourn and pray for Oklahoma.

If you feel led to give to a relief organization, I personally recommend Samaritan’s Purse.

2 thoughts on “Today

  1. Great Post Of Gratitude!! Truly Made Me Grateful For What I Have And The Son I Have …Even Though He Has Medical Issues…He Is Still with Me!! And For That I Am SOOO GRATEFUL TO GOD!!
    I Agree With Your Comment About Samaritan’s Purse!!! If People Can Give Money To Help the People Of Moore, Oklahoma…Give It To Samaritan’s Purse. Even The Red Cross,And Salvation Army Are Good Ones As Well!!
    Have An AMAZING DAY Today Mr. Aaron!! Blessings On Your Future Interviews, And BLESSINGS On your Family, And Finances 🙂

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