Dollar Shave Club Review

Apparently I’m not the only guy sick of dropping major coin on my Mach III blades. I’m also not the only guy that has considered trying out It’s also clear that because I have a lot of real estate to shave, I would be a good test subject for all of my friends on facebook and twitter. Let’s just say I got more than a few “let me know how it goes” messages. So, because you asked, here’s my review after day one.

I ordered my blades 3 days ago and they arrived as promised. I went with the $1 package which ended up being $3 per month with shipping and handling. As promised, the initial package arrived with a brand new handle (plastic, but who cares), 5 blades, a membership card and a business card. I love their entire marketing campaign. It’s fun and dude friendly. Since it was 1:00pm on a Saturday and I was still in my PJ’s, I figured why not give it a test run and get dressed (in that order of course).

The blades obviously don’t feel like the $800 Mach III but it was a nice close shave. The $1 shaver has 2 blades but you can upgrade to a more expensive package with more blades if you so wish. Since I’m cheap, I figured let’s start at the $1 and see how it goes. I’m pleased with the results. One other note is you can actually opt to go REAL cheap and have them ship blades every other month which would be a total cost of $12 per year. You can’t get a package of single blade Bic’s for that price! So, here’s the low down:


  1. Savings
  2. Ease of shipping to the house
  3. Shaves well
  4. Free handle
  5. Even worked on my unibrow (don’t judge me)
  6. It did what it was supposed to.


  1. It didn’t give me MORE hair, but maybe it’ll be there when I wake up.
  2. Not sure what else it could have done besides what it was supposed to.

* 4/12 UPDATE!! Now that I’ve been using my razors from for over a month, here’s a quick follow up. I recently upgraded to the 4 blade plan to give it a try. Total cost was $6/mo. The handle is metal and the overall feel of the razor is much stronger. There is nothing wrong with the $1/mo plan. I actually went several weeks before changing blades and only used 2 the entire month. I just wanted to try the 4 blade for a smoother shave.

**UPDATE 2 – Just used the 4 blade ($6/mo) for the first time and it might be the best shave I’ve ever had. No exaggeration. Do yourself a favor and upgrade to that one. Well worth it. No shipping and handling on that either. Just $6/mo. Awesome.

So there you have it. I give it a full thumbs up. Give it a try. What have you got to lose? You can sign up for the – HERE.

49 thoughts on “Dollar Shave Club Review

  1. Same 6 blade cartridge & handle are sold @ K-Mart,….Same Korean Manufacturer. The blades cost $8.99. I purchased 2 containers of cartridges & received 50% off the second container.

    1. So you’re saying it’s a better idea to go K-Mart and get them? If so what’s the name of the blade?

      1. Daniel – I have not tried the K-Mart brand. I can say that the $6/MO 4 blade (which will easily last me 2 months) is great. No complaints whatsoever. And I didn’t have to go the store to get them.

      2. Thanks Aaron, definitely will check it out now. I just wanted a honest opinion that’s why I turned to your review. That and because it was the first one to come up on Google. 🙂


      4. Did you also tell everyone how many gallons of gas you used to go to the store? Thats the perk of dollar shave the delivery for quality cheap blades

  2. Thanks so much for the review Aaron! I actually came across the Dollar Shave Club website (was looking for cheaper alternatives to the Gillette Fusion blades my hubby buys) and wanted to read some reviews. When I Googled “Dollar Shave Club reviews,” your blog was the first to pop up. I am Bethany’s neighbor and we’ve met before at her kids’ birthday parties (small world)!! At any rate, I will feel much better signing up for this club after knowing that someone we know has had a positive experience. Thanks again!

    1. Melissa – That is crazy!!! What a small world. That has only happened to me one other time when a friend searched for the lyrics to “Jesus Take The Wheel” and my blog somehow popped up. Glad you found it. I absolutely recommend Love them. The $6/mo blade is the best I’ve ever used. Hands down. Well worth it.

  3. I don’t know if the link in your post leads to your sign up a friend page, because I definitely used it. Great review, and if that link doesn’t lead to you getting the $5 credit you should update because your review is the first thing that pops up on the Google search for reviews. Juuuuust sayin

      1. Hey Aaron, why did you delete my post? Are you benefiting financally from DSC in any way? Why don’t you want people to save money on their blades by purchasing from Durco usa?

      2. Your comment went to spam. I restored it. I don’t know anything about the link you provided so I can’t recommend either way. Thanks.

  4. Received my blades in 3 days from Dollar Shave Club, awesome. The following month my blades were 8 days overdue. There is no contact number so I couldn’t call, red flag and very shadey. All I got was a ” contact us” button, so hit it and typed that my blades were overdue, I never got a reply. On the morning of the 10th day I went with a blade company called Dorco and sent another message to DSC to cancel my membership. That afternoon I received my blades from DSC and put return to sender on them. Three days after my order with Dorco I got my blades and STILL haven’t heard from DSC. My guess is, they’re probably going to keep the blades I sent back to them and my $6. Check out the prices on, they’re cheaper and the same quality blades as DSC. I got 10 months worth of blades for me and my girl ( Six blade system btw ) for $27, handels and all. There’s free shipping for orders over $25. Check it out, you’ll save plenty of money and you won’t be sorry.

    1. DSC gets their 6 blade razor from dorco from what I’ve read. DSC apparently responded that they offer the convince of automatic delivery every month but that you can buy the same or similar razors elsewhere online. Dorco also offers 3 and 4 blade options that are all interchangeable with their handles so it’s easy to try different blades. As long as you don’t mind ordering blades yourself instead of getting auto delivery they are a cheaper alternative and have more selection.

  5. I received the DSC Executive Razor ($9/mo) in a Bespoke Post box. It is CLUNKY! I’m looking for a replacement for the Fusion, but this isn’t it. The blade head is massive and has a small pivot range. Jawline and neck results were not good. I almost expect the $6/mo razor to be a better performer…sticking with the Fusion for now.

    1. Interesting thoughts. I have not tried the $9 one but I’m not a fan of huge blades. The $6 4 blade was the perfect razor for me. I continue to use it and have zero complaints. It’s been strong and has not gotten dull at all.

  6. The razors are fine, but expect lots of SPAM. Within 8 hours of my sign-up I had over 100 SPAM emails to an account that normally gets 2-3 per day. Seems like the profit model is selling your name to every spammer out ther

    1. Doug – I have not seen a rise in the amount of SPAM I get, but I also haven’t been looking all that close. It’s tough to say if I get SPAM from them or wherever. My experience has been pleasant.

  7. Thanks for creating this blog Aaron. Very helpful. Looks like there’s a lot of room for personal preference. I signed up for the Shave Club, the guinea pig for my friends and co-workers. I’m cursed with sensitive skin and a relatively tough beard. With the old Atra II and Sensor, my neck would have numerous bleeding cuts. [Every man who shaves should keep some Nick Relief Styptic Powder on hand…available from amazon…it’s amazing for stopping razor cut bleeding.] Mach3 was an improvement, and finally the Fusion was liberating. The extra under-the-nose blade helps, too. Great cartridges, but I hate paying for them. For me the Club cartridge has to equal the Sensor for shave closeness and comfort. I found the $6/month 4-blade cartridge lacking in shave closeness. Compared to Sensor it left some visibly under-shaved areas on my face, and I could feel a little more stubble everywhere with the same shaving pattern and pressure. I’ve upgraded to the $9/month 6-blade but have not received yet. In the meantime, I ordered a “Dorco Pace 6” handle and blades from Amazon. Wow, every bit as good as Fusion, maybe better. I suspect these are the exact same blades as the Club 6-blade. Will update in a couple weeks after I receive from the Club. The Dorco 6-blade cartridge is big and flat, so some folks won’t like it. But it does have the helpful extra blade for under-the-nose. Overall for me it outperforms the Club 4-blade cartridge. The Dorco package I ordered was available via Amazon Prime with free shipping. Dorco also has its own website at with free shipping over $25. So here’s the per-cartridge cost comparison (ignoring shipping and sales tax):

    Costco Replacement Packs
    Fusion Pro–$3.29

    Dollar Shave Club
    6-blade exec–$2.25
    2-blade–$.80 (this includes shipping..$4 per month total, 5 cartridges per month)

    Dorco Pace 6 16-pk refills–$1.62
    Dorco Pace 6 kit w/ 10 carts and handle–$2.00 per cartridge
    *They have Pace 4 as well for less.

    Smart Sense 6-blade–$2.25

    By the way, I tried HeadSlick shave cream for my head. So nice I use it exclusively for face shaving. Available at most CVS/Walgreen type stores, also from Amazon.

  8. Dollar Shave Club 6-blade Executive cartridges arrived right on schedule. The Club 6-blade cartridge is the exact same product as the Dorco Pace-6 cartridge. Excellent, comfortable close shave. So you could order from the Dollar Shave Club or purchase from other sources. I think the convenience of the Club is well worth the extra few dollars a year. For me the 6-blade cartridge is good for 2+ weeks, so I can get away with the Club “every other month” option.

    1. I’m with you. I went with the 4 blade and love that they drop them right at the house. The savings over a Quattro or Mach III are worth it. I have not tried the Dorco that everyone keeps mentioning because I’m pleased with the savings and convenience I get with DSC. Been great.

  9. I was so suprised to see you reviewing this! I went to college with you for a couple years! Lol. I was friends with Kim S. and Tony. Small world! I was looking up reviews for this to make sure it wasn’t a scam before I signed us up. You were the first review to pop up. Crazy! Good to know that it seems ligit. Thanks for the info! I will be signing up to check them out.

    1. Nikki – Wow! What a small world. That is hilarious. Glad you found me…and the review. If you order them, let me know your thoughts. My experience has been great. Well worth it. Thanks for shouting at me here!

  10. Ordered the 4x plan for my son, who is in college. Nice deal and is inexpensive compared to purchasing in supermarkets or drugstores. He loves the close shave. His frat caught on quickly.. Just added the Shea butter to next shipment.

  11. Do you use this on your head also?

    I’ve been sticking with the Mach III because my experience with other blades is that they make me bleed profusely (my head is a bit knobby). Mach III seems to have a bit of suspension on the blades.

  12. If you want to save money on shaving, here’s an invaluable tip: Since most of what dulls a thin razor’s edge is oxidization, here’s how to make any razor last 3x-4x longer…get a PLASTIC container and put 1″ of mineral oil or baby oil into it. Store the razor’s head in the oil on your shower shelf. When the head of the razor is in the oil, air cannot get to it and therefore it cannot oxidize/rust as quickly. Using this method, you will EASILY expand the life of any razor and save yourself BUKU.

  13. I have been using Dollar Shave club for a few months now, like the shave butter and the blades work well too. I will be a DSC member for a long time.

  14. The Dollar Shave Club blades are crap. I bought my first pack of the $6 blades and NONE of them lasted even one week. Three of the four broke after four uses. The design of the blade in conjunction with the swivel head put all of the stress on a tiny, thin piece of plastic on the blade. Just snaps right off. Cancelled after one month.

  15. Just wanted to put in my 2 cents. I have been using the $6 razor and I love it. Price is awesome, convenience of being dropped in my mailbox once a month is fantastic, and the quality is better than I expected to be honest. 4 razors for $6 is extremely affordable. I shave my face and head so it gets a workout. Not sure why previous poster had his breaking all the time but between my face and head I shave a minimum of 10 times a week and they last at least 2 weeks. I actually have 8 extra razors in my cabinet as we speak. Also the gf uses it when she takes a bath at my house and loves it also. To anyone considering it you have nothing to lose by at least trying them out for a month or 2. And I am not affiliated at all with DSC. I am in the insurance business for any of the disbelievers out there. Good product at an affordable price!

  16. using the old double edge razor, can find the handle at beauty shops, and the blades are very very inexpensive sold at all stores that sell shaving stuff. Great shave and a whole lot cheaper than anything else on the market. P.S. the blades are really sharp so if you aren’t careful and go a little slower you “will” cut yourself until you get use to using it. I used this (still do) back in the 60’s before disposable blades were available. Just saying.

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