Everybody’s Got A Dark Side


A couple of quick disclaimers here. First, I have three kids under the age 12. Second, kids under the age of 12 like popular music. Third, I like popular music. Forth, we all like Kelly Clarkson. There….I said it. We do. We’re fans. Princess 1.0 actually says this is her favorite song. So the other day I was driving and really heard this song. Now I can’t stop noodling on it. It’s too good not to share.

Powerful isn’t it? There is something so true about her words. I have been reminded of this truth over and over again recently. While I’ll never understand it, and certainly am not bragging, I often receive emails, tweets or facebook notes calling this blog “inspirational.” It surprises me every single time. Sometimes I think…”if they only knew about that dark side.” Friends, I struggle too. I seek inspiration and something to escape from myself more often than I admit. As Kelly said…

Everybody’s got a dark side

Can you love me?

Can you love mine?

Everybody’s got a dark side.

It’s that place that you don’t want anyone to know about.

It’s that thing that is haunting and you’re so afraid “if they only knew.”

Everybody’s got a dark side and I’m one of them too.

But here’s what I want every single person that may stumble on this post to know…

I care about you.

Even with your dark side.

I won’t run away

We’re in this together.

All of us.

I care about YOU.

Even WITH your dark side.

I promise you.

You’re worth it. I KNOW you’re worth it.

Even with your dark side.

If I can be an encouragement to you today or if I can share in your struggle, please, please, please contact me. My email is aaron@aaronconrad.com. You can reach me on twitter – @aaronconrad. You can connect with me on Facebook. Don’t walk this alone. Don’t fight your dark side alone. Share the journey.

I’ll help carry your mat.

How Can I Pray For You Today?


10 thoughts on “Everybody’s Got A Dark Side

  1. Wow! I wish I had known you a year ago when I was struggling. God got me through and sent me in a new direction. I pray that I will take your words to heart and be available for someone else that is caught in the darkness. Thank you, again, for allowing God to speak through you. Blessings to you.

    1. Thanks Lynda. Heather and I both talk about what an encouragement you are to us. She was excited to meet you in real life on Sunday. I’m so glad you made it through your dark side. It makes us stronger. We both appreciate you!

  2. What can I say, Aaron? I love your heart, man!!
    My dark side is probably my confidence, or lack there of. I constantly question whether I am good enough…or did I preform that task good enough. I always put on a good act, like I don’t care what others think, but then constantly doubt my self worth and am worried about what others think of me. It’s an internal struggle that has haunted me for many years…I have to remind myself regularly that, God loves me no matter what, even with my dark side. Thanks for this reminder!

    1. Dude….I read that and marvel at it. Honestly. I think about what you’re doing restoring your home and have huge respect for that! The greatest tool I own is the phone book to call someone to fix whatever broke. You take on tasks and “figure it out” on the fly. That is amazing. I would say you’re good enough. Know a guy in Columbus watches all you do and is beyond impressed. Appreciate you brother. Keep fighting the fight. You’ve got this.

  3. Aaron…love this post! Checked it out this morning on my way out the door and thought about it multiple times throughout the day. Loved that you offered to walk the path with us, THANK YOU for accepting us for who we are and what an AWESOME GIFT for you to “put it out there!” You are a good man doing great things…and I’m delighted you’re willing to help carry the mats! Thank you!

    1. Lynn – Thank YOU for your friendship. We are blessed to have met through baseball. Thanks for the kind words too. We’re all in this together. I know that you all would carry the mat (and do) for me too! Thanks for leaving a comment!

  4. Wow!! Aaron I Love What You Put Out Here!! You Have Been Such An Encouragement To Stephen And I. I Truly Appreciate You And Heather So Much!!! You Both Are Such AMAZING Godly Examples To Me And So Many Others!! I Love That You Are So Real..And Often More Transparent Than You Probably Want To Be…But I Love The Fact That You Are So Much Like Me In One Way….What You See Is What You Get!! Thanks For Your Prayers!! Love The Jesus In You My Friend 🙂

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