30 Days Prayer Details

I’m terrible at details. I’m the dreamer of the family. Thankfully my wife is great at the application part of the stuff I dream up. There are a few housekeeping items that might be good to have before we launch the 30 Days Prayer Challenge on Saturday. I love the creativity of the people that have said “I’m In!” It’s crazy fun. So….here we go.

Here’s the prayer if you need it – (HERE)

The official hashtag we’re using on twitter is #30DaysPrayer

There is a twitter list now created for those taking part. (HERE)

We’re utilizing the newly created A Complete 180 Facebook Page for community use with the 30 Days Prayer Challenge. You can “Like” that page (HERE). It will be a place to gather thoughts, prayer requests and reflections from the 30 Days.

Make sure we know you’ve joined the challenge. The best way to walk through this 30 days is with one another!

Lastly, as you can see from the images above, some people are already getting creative with their prayer papers. Love that idea. Snap a shot of where you’re spending your few minutes in prayer every morning and tweet it out #30DaysPrayer. Can’t wait to see all of the places we are stopping to commune each day.

Appreciate you all. Keep those creative ideas coming! In the words of Steven Curtis Chapman:

Believe the unbelievable. Receive the inconceivable. And see beyond our wildest imaginations. Lord we come with Great Expectations!

4 thoughts on “30 Days Prayer Details

  1. I don't really use my twitter, but i'm connecting it to my instagram for your list purposes and so i can #tag it up.

    @jaybrams on twitter.

    @jaybrams15 on instagram

    I'll start posting thoughts on AC180 once i'm back from my sabbatical.

    1. Perfect! Thanks man. Hope this sabbatical comes at just the right time. It's good to have the AC180 band back together. Even if we utilize the facebook page. Might actually work better that way. Appreciate you man.

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