Tyler Zeller is Second

I’m not going to lie, I’m still pretty cheesed that the Cavs totally dropped the ball last night in not drafting Harrison Barnes. Obviously I am biased. I bleed Carolina Blue. Even if you removed that, you’ll be hard pressed to find many sites today that think Dion Waiters was a good choice there (besides Cavs.com). Even Thomas Robinson would have been a beast in the low post next to Tristan Thompson and the guy you’re about to meet. I’ll get over it, but trust me when I tell you that Cleveland will regret that 4th pick last night for a long, long time.

In brighter news, they did the right thing by grabbing a 100% class act at #17 (after the trades). Tyler Zeller is 7 feet and guys like that with skill and athleticism are very hard to find. He’s not Anthony Davis, Shaq or Tim Duncan, but he will have a nice career and never embarrass this team on or off the court. Far greater than any of that, Tyler Zeller is second. Well done Cleveland. Now figure out a way to get Mr. Barnes back….

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