Coming Soon – October Baby

Wow. Last night my wife and I had the opportunity to pre-screen the upcoming film “October Baby” which releases in March. To be honest, I am still a bit numb to everything that I saw. This is a heavy, heavy film about the life of a girl that is the survivor of an abortion attempt. The movie is the story of her search to find who she is and who her birth mother is. Like I said, it’s incredibly powerful and incredibly heavy.

Without giving away specific details of the film, I would say that this is a movie that each person should consider carefully before attending. This is not something for younger children due to the nature of the subject. Teenagers are a possibility as there are several themes and lessons which can be taken away from seeing it. Adults should certainly consider seeing it, yet consider each person you invite and what their past may or may not include. Hopefully that makes sense. I’m not trying to be cryptic, I just know this is a very, very sensitive subject.

October Baby succeeds in literally putting a “face” to this topic. You see and experience a life that almost wasn’t. You feel the emotion and weight of the decisions of several different people. There are light moments and some comedic performances (namely former American Idol contestant, Chris Sligh) which seem to come at the appropriate moments. I’ll post more once the movie officially hits the big screen. Until then, know that I recommend this film. For a better understanding, let me share this powerful clip about the casting of one of the people in the film. This story is remarkable.

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