Flagrant thoughts…

Several thoughts here….

1. Wasn’t this kid in the movie “Teen Wolf”?

2. How exactly did he make this team in the first place?

3. If you thought he was big, check out the dude that checked in for him.

4. How many times did we need to see the replays? It was like the Theisman video.

5. I’m pretty sure I saw Coach K there recruiting this kid. Look close. He’s there.

6. All kidding aside. If this school has any backbone, they will at least suspended him from the team until he learns to move his feet and play defense. Especially now that it’s gone viral and most of the world has seen it.

2 thoughts on “Flagrant thoughts…

  1. I know, right? Unbelievable what went on in that game. His laughter after the close line was enough to make even me red in the face. I’m curious what the other teams coach was doing. I have to imagine he was not real pleased. At some point, you need to get a technical foul or thrown out of the game to protect your players.

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