12 Days of Christmas For The Hurting

Yesterday was a very big day for a close friend of ours. Rachel Wojnarowski launched her very first eBook called “12 Days of Christmas For The Hurting“. I find this amazing on so many levels. If you know Rachel, you know that she has an incredible ability to manage so many things at one time. It truly is remarkable. That she would have the time to write a 12 day devotional tells you something about her heart. She wanted to get this out to those that would benefit from it’s message before Christmas. After reading it, I would say that we can ALL benefit from her words.

As I read the forward to the book (available for free on Amazon.com) I found it so much the very heartbeat of Rachel. We have the honor of knowing her so I know her words come straight from the heart. They are not sappy sentences to sell an eBook. She speaks from experience and she speaks to us all. Having lost my Mom a few years ago, the holidays are a time of reflection and at times, sadness. Especially this holiday. Christmas was my moms Super Bowl. This was her season. She pulled out all of the stops. The reminders of her are everywhere. This short devotional brought sweet reminders of the love, life, grace, light, peace, joy, mercy, goodness, truth, faithfulness, freedom and acceptance.

Do yourselves a favor and swing by Amazon.com and download this treasure. It’s only $2.99 and available in all formats electronically. If you don’t mind, leave Rachel a review on Amazon too. We’re so excited to see how well her first eBook does and how it impacts all that read it. You can also find Rachel in the following places on the web:

Website – RachelWojo.com

Twitter – @RachelWojo

Facebook – RachelWojo

4 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas For The Hurting

  1. Love it. I know she’s throwing a big ol’ party each year in Heaven. God had no idea how good Heaven could look until she got there and started decorating. Great job on the book Rachel. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us.

  2. Hey, just wanted to leave a quick note. I’m getting this for my mother and my sister. Plus, it was good for me to read. On January, 19th of this year, my father committed suicide. Only after a couple of months prior to that, my mother fell down the steps and suffered a traumatic brain injury. She’s never going to be the same, but is doing MUCH better, a year later. So, this time…Christmas…this year, and I’m sure, future years to come, will always have a bleaker feel to them. We will always remember what went on at the GREENE’S house during the Christmas/New Year’s Holiday of 2010/11. So, reading things like this….makes my heart grow warmer. Thanks, Rachel….who is married to a close friend of mine from our Cedarville days….MATT!!!!! A good man married to a good woman, with a lot of kids!!!!! LOL!

  3. Thank Patrick. Kind words about a family that very much has earned them. Excited for how this book does and what it will do for Rachel. Thanks for dropping by.

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