Team Vedaste Update

We’re about halfway through our 30 days to sell 70 Hello Somebody watches and we need your help. My son and I accepted the opportunity about 2 weeks ago to do our part to support Vedaste Iyamwremye in Rwanda. By selling 70 watches, Vedaste will have food and education for an entire year. Such a small sacrifice for you and I and huge thing for Vedaste. The watches look great and make a great gift. I’m also thrilled to announce that THEY NOW HAVE SMALLER LOGO WATCHES for the ladies or little ones.

We had a 30 day challenge so if you have considered ordering a watch ($25) now is the time to get those orders in. Once the 30 days are over, if we haven’t met our goal, Vedaste will be moved to another supporter. Let’s try to reach the goal before that happens. The key is this…



If you would prefer, you can CONTACT ME directly and I will pool all of the orders into one.

You can also order directly (HERE)

Won’t you consider helping today? Thank you all in advance for helping this great cause!

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2 thoughts on “Team Vedaste Update

  1. Just ordered Abby and I the new white mini watch, I hope I made the cut off on time!! I had been waiting because I really wanted pink but they were all out, luckily I saw Natalie Grant post her white one on twitter the other day and it sealed the deal. Go Team Vedaste!

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