I Am Second – Columbus

A few years ago I saw my first I Am Second video. It caught my attention and I have followed this movement ever since. Friends, it’s gaining momentum. “The Boy”, my brother-in-law and I wear their gear and I can promise you if you wear the gear you better be ready to give an answer. I can also admit that I am often not prepared. We need accountability. We need brotherhood. We need community. We need bro-time. For this and so many other reasons, I am following a prompting of the spirit and launching an I Am Second group for Northwest Columbus Ohio.

If you know me at all, you know that details are not a spiritual gift of mine. Consider this your pre-launch heads-up. This is going to happen. The conversation will be raw, real and life-giving. I don’t care what church you call home. I’m actually hoping for a lot of guys that don’t call church home.

I want authentic

I want edgy

I want to wrestle with the questions until we have answers.

If you want these things and, since we’re dudes, greasy food drenched in buffalo sauce,  join me. Keep your eyes on this site. Right now I’m thinking Monday nights maybe an hour or two before MNF. I’m thinking somewhere with big TV’s so we can watch the game. I’m also thinking twice a month. If this sounds good, drop me an email or comment below. Let’s go Columbus. It’s time that we admit we’re second.

2 thoughts on “I Am Second – Columbus

  1. I am definitely on the “I am second” bandwagon. Brian Welch’s transformation is nothing short of a miracle, but it shows what a powerful God we have. If we just let Him in…

    Too bad I’m 1200 miles away in Central Texas or I would join you!


  2. Too bad is right. Would love to have you there. This things going to be different. Like no other mens group guys have been a part of. I’m passionate about it. God left us in Columbus for a reason and I believe this is one of them. “Greater things have yet to come….”

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