Being Who You Say You Are

Are you who you say you are online? I don’t mean being a “creepy weird guy”, I mean do you ever go out of your way to seem like you’re something more than you really are online? With today’s social media and the ability to portray something different, I wonder if we don’t sometimes do that. It’s actually a pretty easy trap to get into. I can honestly say I know a very special group of people that don’t.

My wife and I recently got to spend some time with some incredibly gifted, talented and amazing people. What impressed me the most is that they are EXACTLY who they appear to be online. At no point did I walk away thinking “wow, they really had me fooled”. What you see is what you get and I mean that in the very best way. It was refreshing. I have been “following” quality, character people and to see them live that out in their daily life was something special.

So who are you online?

If someone spent a weekend at your house, would they see that same person?

Would they walk away thankful or disappointed?

Thankfully, I was NOT disappointed.

They were exactly who and what I thought they were….and that is a VERY good thing.

3 thoughts on “Being Who You Say You Are

  1. Hey Aaron – You make some good points on this one. It’s way too easy to be a different person online. Just ask the many folks who have used the online dating services! I have a prayer on my office wall that I have had since my kids were young. It says, “Lord, I pray I will be the man that my kids see on Sunday.” I really want to be the man I say I am to my family.

    Take care, bro.


    1. Right on David. I remember that quote from our AC180 days. I was talking to someone this weekend in Nashville that actually remembered AC180. I think we were on the edge of greatness with that thing. God had different plans and a season for it, but we might want to revisit that one day. We were making a bigger splash than we knew.

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