Honest Prayers

Do you pray honest prayers? I mean, do you get really honest with God or do you feel like you pray what you think God wants to hear? I’m guilty of this. I think part of it might be fear. I’m afraid that I won’t be reverent if I’m honest. I’m afraid God won’t be pleased with the thoughts I have or the heart with which they came from. The funny thing is…he already knows.

This morning I read Davids Prayer in Psalm 13 and couldn’t get over his honesty. I learned through his prayer that he said what he thought and wrapped it up by giving credit where it’s due. He was honest. He was respectful.

Kinda like this guy….

YOUR TURN: Do you pray honest prayers?

3 thoughts on “Honest Prayers

  1. I would say that I pray honest prayers a LOT! However, I will admit that I often stop short of wrapping them up as David did in Psalm 13. It’s usually more about what I think, but needs to be more about who he is.


  2. I know there’s no point in being insincere with God. He knows what’s on my heart and mind better than I do. I often find myself starting out being not entirely honest, and invariably feel myself being steered toward truthfulness, even if I can’t get the words out. For me the problem is not praying enough.

  3. Love the smokin hot wife part! Good challenge dear, I think my hesitancy comes when I fear his answer to my prayers. Better if I keep my yapper shut… Not really I suppose. Honesty here we come!

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