Where We Are

After a very long process, I can finally give at least a brief update on where we are. Let me begin by apologizing for being cryptic and somewhat vague, but due to the nature of a process that we’re in, I need to stay pretty vanilla. I do however covet your prayers and your partnership throughout this entire process. You all have been amazing. With that, here’s the latest.

I can definitively say that we are down to two options in the occupational process. Let’s call them “Option A” and “Option B”.

Option A is in process and may or may not even be an option for us at all. Again, that might not make a lot of sense, but here is the important thing…we’re really praying for Option A. We believe that if God is calling us to that option, then the doors will be open. It’s a tremendous opportunity and one that I can’t help but get very excited about. It’s in the zone of my passion for this life and the kind of opportunity that doesn’t often come along. So far, doors have been open and I am HONORED and HUMBLED to even be in the consideration. If you believe in praying, we would love your prayers for Option A. Specifically, we’re praying for Gods will.

Option B is what we know. The best I can say is that if this all ended in Option B, we’d be just fine. It’s safe. It would be a blip on the radar but if that is where God wants us (me specifically), then we have peace about that as well. Not much else to say about Option B.

So there you have it. Clear as mud right? Again, the bottom line is we are praying for Gods will in all of this. Just as we did from day 1 of this process, we’re praying for open doors. Our hearts desire would be Option A, but Option B would be fine if that is our second option. Either way, I have huge peace and this process has taught me much about trusting Gods timing. We are moving pretty quickly towards some clear decisions.

Thank you all for your prayers. Thank you for your partnership. We’ll keep you posted!

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