Getting Called Up

Last night my son’s baseball team was a little shorthanded due to vacations and camps. They “called up” a player from the “B team” that was the last one cut in tryouts for the “A team”. We were all cheering as he made his debut batting last in the lineup and playing right field.

He didn’t disappoint.

In his first at bat, he was hit by a pitch. He would end up going 4-4 at the plate and making a big play in the outfield. He caught a pop fly and doubled off the runner on second who had gotten too far off the base. We all went crazy as he pumped his fist in the outfield. It was a great moment for him, his parents and the whole team. The Red Barons would go on to win 21-4 and put their record this summer at 12 and 1.

Several thoughts about this moment in time…

I wondered as I watched if I don’t get so caught up in the mundane sometimes that I forget how great the moments in life are. As he pumped his fist in excitement at his big moment, I wondered when the last time I got jazzed about something was. “Moments” come and go every day. It’s so easy to miss them, miss the excitement, miss the thrill because I’m so caught in the same-same.

I also wondered when the last time I made the most of my “big shot” was. When was the last time I got “called up” to a great opportunity and made it count like this kid did? Again, I think we have chances all the time to have a moment, make a memory, rise to the challenge. I wondered if I don’t miss those too.

When was the last time you got “called up”? 

2 thoughts on “Getting Called Up

    1. I was thrilled for this kid. His parents were beaming. It was a special memory for him and most likely landed him a spot on next years squad (depending on who comes back next year). Very cool. Great kid too.

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