Nashville Half Marathon Playlist

After many changes, tweeks, additions and subtractions, I present for your (dis)approval my Nashville Half Marathon playlist. In the morning we will push off for Nashville and on Saturday morning I’ll hit the streets with these songs pumping through the iPod. Last year I recorded my worst half marathon time in Nashville and anticipate shattering that with an even worse final time this year. Due to an abbreviated training, several physical ailments and issues, the goal on Saturday is to FINISH. These songs should help. Let the debate begin…

6 thoughts on “Nashville Half Marathon Playlist

  1. I see what you did. You put Bruno Mars at the end to provide motivation to run faster. Since there is no way you actually want to hear that song, you’ll force yourself you pick up the pace to avoid the punishment. Well done.

    1. Man that is hilarious. Sadly the iPod is on shuffle so it’s like a box of chocolates while I run. I control which songs, but not when they play. Don’t be hating on Bruno now. I figured I would get static for GaGa, Cyrus and Spears…but not Bruno.

      1. Picking on you for GaGa, Cyrus and Spears (the low hanging fruit) would just be piling on. As for Bruno – I didn’t hate the song the first 100 times I heard it (and I don’t even listen to the radio).

  2. Not tooooo shabby….I’ll let hte Cyrus and Spears slide, those songs will have just enough cheese to get you through Miles 8-9….I’m disappointed with the lack of JLo–On the Floor w/Pitbull is a pretty decent song…Good Luck. Finish Strong.

    1. Awesome. I think you mean “FINISH” and not Finish strong. Wish I could do Cleveland again this year but the mind AND body aren’t able. I’m sure you’ll have a great race. I do love that half (except for being down wind of the sewage plant around mile 9). Otherwise C-Town does it right. Can’t wait to her how you did too!

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