When I started this blog (gulp) 6 years ago, I never anticipated what it would grow into and become. Over the past several years, I have met amazing people and been blessed with tremendous opportunities. I don’t say that to brag or boast. Actually, I am humbled by each opportunity and really do count it a blessing. One such relationship and blessing is being hosted by Oqobo.com.

Oqobo is a company and web hosting service that I have NO PROBLEM supporting and passing the word for. It is my hope that if you’re in the market for a new host provider, or know anyone that is, you’ll pass the word and check out Oqobo too. Here’s why:

We have a strong commitment to our customers and their message. We’ll work hard to ensure that your message is delivered in the best possible way, with all of the impact modern web technology has to offer.

That was pulled directly from their mission statement. It has been my experience in partnering with Oqobo that they are true to their word and mission. Check out their web site today and spread the word. Let’s flood this team with business!

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