Way Back Wednesday – Petra

A few weeks ago our awesome sound team at Journey Church played some Petra for the before service background music. I have been singing “Grave Robber” ever since. That prompted me to post a thread onfacebook this morning about Petra. We’ve got a pretty good discussion going on over there so I figured I would bring it here too.

My question is this: What is your favorite Petra song or memory?

I remember seeing them in concert and thinking “Judas Kiss” was “hard rock”. Compared to what my 10 year old and I are listening to now, Petra is lite rock at best. Regardless, this band marked the 80’s and, in my opinion, paved the way for many Christian bands. Amazing how many people have responded that they saw them in concert.

So here’s my favorite Petra song. “Grave Robber

What was yours? GO!!


One thought on “Way Back Wednesday – Petra

  1. Oh that brings back memories! Tom and I saw them, my first “rock concert”, at the Ohio State Fair in the Grand Stand in ’86. It was the debut of “Back to the Streets” with John Schlitt. We went to the afternoon concert and because WRFD had promoted it there were lots of “older” people there and they were very shocked (more like appalled) when the concert began and many left! We, of course, loved it! Also, for several years, we saw them on New Year’s Eve downtown, that was a good time! There are too many favorite songs–their songs have marked different points in life.

    What a great blast from the past! Thanks for the memory jog!

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