For Sale Takamine EF340SCGN

UPDATE!!! This guitar is no longer for sale. I found a home for my other Takamine and this one is no longer on the market. Good luck in your search.


I don’t usually use my blog to “peddle my wares” but I thought this was worth sharing with the most broad audience possible. There’s a VERY long and unbelievable story behind the “why” I’m selling this guitar, but I’ll spare the web space and details. Bottom line, someone is going to get this guitar for a song (sorry…bad pun). There is not a SINGLE THING WRONG with this guitar. The bottom line is a had an opportunity to snag my dream guitar so I took it.

I am selling a Takamine EF340SCGN for the unbelievable price of $600. This guitar has been played about 20 times and doesn’t have a scratch on it. That price also includes the premium Takamine guitar case (valued at $89). It is a beautiful instrument and sounds incredible plugged in. From the Manufacturer:

The solid cedar top is voiced for a deep, mellow tone and responds well to a light touch. Features a fully bound body and fretboard, finished in a silky smooth antique satin stain. The mahogany neck is joined to the body with a traditional, ultra strong dovetail joint. Dual action adjustable tension rod keeps the guitar playing true no matter what the environment. Includes Takamine’s palathetic pickup®, known in the industry as one of the most accurate and natural sounding acoustic/electric pickups. The CT4B preamp has long been the popular choice among Takamine pro artists, providing warm natural acoustic tone at high sound pressure levels.

If you know anyone in the market for a pro-series guitar, this is one deal you don’t want to pass up. If you are interested, please email me for more information. Again, this guitar lists for $1299, sells at Guitar Center for $900 and I’m selling it for $600. Contact me if interested!

2 thoughts on “For Sale Takamine EF340SCGN

    1. Thanks! I absolutely LOVE the my Takamine EF341SC. I don’t really know why but I’ve always been drawn to the black finish and it sounds great either plugged in or unplugged. I tend to prefer a more bright sound and this one just fills the room. Now if I could just play it correctly…. 🙂

      It would seem that most people love the Taylors. They are great. I don’t know why I have always liked the Takamine, but I guess Springsteen can’t be wrong. He also plays the EF341SC. So we’ve got that in common.

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