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I’m a pretty big twitter user, but I honestly never follow the “trending topics”. For those unfamiliar with twitter, there is a way of tagging your “tweets” and when enough people are talking about the same thing, it makes a top 10 list of sorts on Twitter. So it’s a list of hot topics so to speak. It’s usually filled with current news and important topics. So when I read a tweet today that referred to Rob Bell being on this list..I was concerned.

I’ve read all of Rob Bell’s books (Velvet Elvis, Sex God, Jesus Wants To Save Christians) and have always enjoyed his questions. I don’t idolize him. I don’t worship him. I read his books. In case you missed it, Rob Bell has a new book and John Piper isn’t a fan.

One single tweet and we’ve got Rob Bell trending on Twitter. Rob Bell is being called a “Universalist” (which he may or may not be). A 60 second promo for a book that isn’t out yet and a release from the publisher and many are jumping to conclusions. Sadly, a majority of the tweets were people who, in my opinion, have had a bone to pick with Rob Bell and this was their chance to tee off. I’ve stewed on this whole thing a bit all day today. Here are my random thoughts.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the trending topic on twitter was “Jesus”, “Caring For the Less Fortunate” or “Bible”?

I understand that Rob Bell reaches millions with his message. I understand the concern over what that message might just be. What I don’t support or approve of is a brother-in-Christ (John Piper), publicly throwing stones at Rob Bell. John Piper has a pretty huge following too. Thus the twitter spike. If Piper has a question or problem with Bell, maybe he should follow scripture and approach him personally…not on twitter.

In a week that saw us hear simply unbelievable and clearly non-Christian views from Charlie Sheen, we are choosing to publicly tear down Rob Bell? I honestly might have missed it, but were we trending Charlie Sheen with tweets about praying for his salvation? He’s got a pretty big following too (number one comedy in America according to CBS).

At the end of the day, I’m not here to judge Rob Bell. Clearly, he has enough critics and/or fans. I said it on twitter and I’ll say it again here….my concern, my heart and my focus should be on the less fortunate, the unsaved, my neighbors and those that God places in my path each and every day. The public display of our tearing one another down is unfortunate and quite honestly disappointing.

I once had a Pastor friend that was wrapped up in a sin. When it was found out, the Church he was a part of literally ran him out of town. No restoration. No love. Simply a public announcement on a Sunday morning about how “terrible this sin was” and how “he won’t be a part of our fellowship anymore”. I sat in my pew and thought about the many others there that day carrying a sin. I thought about the message we were sending by clearly saying he wasn’t allowed in our Church. What about me? What about my sin? What will happen if they found out? Do I get the same treatment?

We need to remember the walls of our faith are glass and everyone can see inside. Believe me, they are looking…even on twitter.

12 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Rob Bell

  1. Hi Aaron… blessings to you and your family….

    in response to your blog for today.. I have commented once before….
    I feel facebook and tweeter and the like… can get out of hand and hurt others… not always with truth according to scripture but… simply…. someones opion…

    I try to not look and get caught up… it’s not what God’s heart is for my journey….
    the age old saying…”what would Jesus do?”…. sin is sin… we all have it… no one can say we are better than someone else when the “plumbline” is Jesus….
    we need to remind outselves of this… people need to look…. at the log in their eyes… we all have them….

    what did Jesus do and say to those who were going to stone the woman caught in adultery??? i sence the scene is now replaying 1,000,000 times over in the 21st/22nd century…. but now the stones we hold in out hands are our access to social media….thowing our opion out there and joining in the crowd …

    don’t get me wrong…. it is a tool… how about using it to encourage someone… to say…”I’m praying for you….we are all here in the “race of life” we should be looking at the Finish Line … remembering the plumbline….. cheering each other on… and encouraging one another… not tearing each other down…

    breaks my heart…
    People need to take things to “The Throne” not to social media….

    I was at a Watoto concert reciently…. they gave a good analogy…. we get hurt by the actions of others and/or we sin…. it’s like a snake bite…. the snake is long gone… but you still have the venom inside…. you don’t go running after the snake…. but rather…. work on getting the venom that is inside…and getting it out!

    surrender to the healing process…. it’s not plesant… but stop running after the snake!

    Aaron… you did speak well…. we all need to remember the “plumbline” is Christ…

  2. Satan is crafty…one thing I have learned, it does not take much sometimes, to slip back to our old ways. Just like email, texting, etc., Twitter is a tool. Tools can be used to destroy or build. For that matter, we all are tools….WE can be used to destroy or build. How delighted is Satan when 2 “christians” are sparring over theology? He doesn’t need anything else, because he already has them where he needs them…looking inward.

    It really shouldn’t be this hard…but then everyone would be Christian…but that sounds kind of universalist doesn’t it? šŸ™‚

    1. I know I’m a “tool” šŸ™‚ You’re right that it really shouldn’t be this hard. We’ve overcomplicated a rather simple process. Bell’s “questions” often lead to that conclusion. Crazy how easily we can become distracted.


    1. Perfect response. Thanks for the link. I’ve been passing it around. I wondered what your thoughts would be. You might even be the guy that introduced me to Bell in the first place. Not like that is a bad thing. If it was you, I mean it when I say “thank you”.

      1. Ha! Yeah, I’ve always respected Bell, and his ability to look at things from all angles. Although I own and have read all his books, I don’t follow him as close as I do Erwin McManus. That said, I’ve already pre-ordered the book. šŸ™‚

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