Review – Left Behind Games

Just prior to Christmas, my friends at Team BuzzPlant sent me an offer to review a few games for Left Behind Games. Having 3 children that are 10 and under, I jumped on the opportunity. Within a few days there was a knock on the door and our package arrived. The kids were excited and could hardly wait while I loaded each game on their computers. One thing I will mention up front is that we are a “Mac” family so any Windows PC’s we have are a bit outdated. That comes into play later in the review.

I received 4 games from Left Behind Games to review. Below you will find a brief review of all 4 games. As I mentioned, 2 of the 4 I was unable to review due to PC issues on my end. They are Windows based and our machines couldn’t agree with the installations. This is not a reflection on Left Behind games, rather more on our lack of needed requirements for each game. Since the other games are children’s games, I let them give me their reviews.

Rise of the Antichrist – I have read many perspectives on the Left Behind games like this one. There are two camps for this series. There are those that don’t like the violence (it’s rated “T for Teen”) and there are those that understand the driver behind creating this series of games. I understand targeting the World of Warcraft crowd but my only opinion is that you have to really up the graphics if you’re going to do that. My impression is that the graphics are a bit weak. We couldn’t get the game to work as needed but I like their thinking. Just wish they would really invest in making it something to compete in the “Call of Duty – Black Ops” arena.

Praise Champion – Due to sound card issues, we couldn’t get this one to work as needed. I’m not sure who was more disappointed. The kids were so excited to sing praise songs from Christian artists they know into the included microphone. The graphics looked good and the overall game play was well thought out. We would have rated this game highly had our sound card worked properly.

Charlie Church Mouse Super Pak – My two girls LOVED this game pak. Built very similar to the Jump Start education game series, Charlie Church Mouse adds an element of learning scripture and biblical history. From my 5 year old – “I like it. Fun. Mouse on computer and motorcycle drove on it upside down” She also liked “The cookie game (Ester), Climbing the tree (Nicodemus), Jonah and the Whale”.

From my 7 year old – “Favorite part is the 1st grade early elementary. You trade a pearl for 4 other things. Jesus taught people man wanted a pearl. The pearl is the BFF of God. It was fun, easy and helps you remember math and stuff”.

Keys of the Kingdom – A game created to help learn scripture while playing through a  series of challenging puzzles. From my 10 year old son – “I liked it. You do a level with blocks and then it told you ‘Good job’. Then it showed you a bible verse. It was pretty easy but got harder as I went. It was fun to play.”

So there you have it. Of the games, I can recommend the last three but would not recommend the Antichrist game at this point. I appreciate the opportunity to review the games and my kids loved them. There is something to offer for the entire family. Check them out if you get a chance.

Disclosure of Material Connection: BuzzBlogger sent me the link as part of their bloggers review program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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