Blog Year In Review – June

When June rolled around, I was ready for a vacation. There is no greater place on earth for this guy to take a vacation than the beaches of North Carolina. I channel my inner Kenny Chesney, put on my cowboy hat and soak up the sun. We have great family memories created over the years at the beach house. In addition, we usually spend the night at MECCA (University of North Carolina) every year on our way to OBX. I breathe in the air and get recharged for the rest of the year. From a blog perspective, here are some of the June highlights –

I got a check from Yahoo for $.00

I said I didn’t want to be perfect anymore.

I told you the things that I wrestle with.

I looked at a point on the horizon, building altars,  what I’m hidingchanges, taking risks and battles.

I shared Vacation pictures here, here and here.

We celebrated our 13th anniversary.

By far, one of the most clicked on videos from 2010 were the two below. We like to have fun around the pool while we’re on vacation and the cameras were rolling this year for a bit of it. As my daughter says in the 2nd clip…that’s how we roll!

One thought on “Blog Year In Review – June

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE All Your Pics..It Really Is Too Bad That We Didn’t See AFJ Under The Hood Of The Van With You 😦 🙂 So Glad To See You Know How To Act Like A Kid And Be A Kid Around Your Family!!! Those Videos Are Truly Priceless!! 🙂 So Glad That There Was A Neighbor Willing And Able To Help You Jump Your Van And Get You Going!! Hoping And Praying For Safe Travels To Get You Home. I Am Hoping That You Got A Lot Of R&R And Come Home Completely Relaxed And Ready To Get Back To The Real World 🙂 🙂 Thanks For Showing Us Behind The Scenes!! 🙂

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