And On The Guitar…

A few years ago my friend Clay called me “The King of Restless“. I remember it because it was rather appropriate. I can’t seem to sit still. I can’t just do the same thing every day and be satisfied. My wife has so much grace and patience with my next “thing”. She asks the appropriate questions at the beginning and then just supports if I succeed or fail at whatever “it” is. we go again…

The truth is that I am not just now learning how to play guitar. To help occupy the free time I had when my wife and I were dating (long distance relationship), I would spend my evenings teaching myself how to play guitar. Then we got married, moved, kids, jobs and the entire time my guitar sat in the corner and gently weeped. It also took the brunt of said kids. A few months ago I decided to get it cleaned up and start strumming again. Life got busy and I never got into it until recently.

Who knew it would be like riding a bike?

Who knew I was further along in my “self teaching” than I even realized?

“The boy” and I got all excited when I figured out I could play this song by Hawk Nelson and this song by Thousand Foot Krutch. Thanks to the early release of some Christmas funds (from my wife) and several hours with my friend Ted (who is our Worship Leader), I am now the proud owner of a new guitar. We carefully selected several models until we got just the right one. It’s an acoustic-electric so I can plug in and has a built in tuner. I can’t thank him enough for his time and patience. One of these days, when I’m all up to speed, he’ll have a bald guy behind him on backup acoustic. Notice I said BACKUP.

1. I don’t have “worship leader hair”

2. My wardrobe, well, you get the idea

3. I sing in the shower, the house, my car and anywhere else that no one can hear me.

4. I don’t have significant – Dave Matthews/John Mayer like guitar skills.

But I am excited. I am looking forward to learning something new. I’ve already had some incredible worship with just me, the guitar and a praise and worship song. Being restless might drive some people crazy, but I swear it keeps me young. I hate the same old same old.

Bucket lists were made to be crossed off.

Life is meant to be lived.

I’ll have time to rest later.

For now, I’ve got practicing to do…

2 thoughts on “And On The Guitar…

  1. Aaron, keep following these dreams. It starts with discovery and in this God speaks (or doesn’t). There is a reason he’s put this desire in you so that you’ll grow. Amen brother! I have a guitar as well and of course got hooked in college. I put it down but my now wife (then fiancee) bought em one and since kids I haven’t played a lick. But I can tell they love it so you know. It may be about them and not me. Lots to ponder. Just rock the free world. I now plenty of awesome guitarists with shaved heads. šŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks Dave. It’s been a fun picking it back up again. The kids are at an age now where they are into it as well. “The Boy” and I here a song and then see if I can figure it out. It’s been fun.

      If the backup at church thing doesn’t work out, I can always tour as a Daughtry look alike.

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