Groups Interactive

I recently took on the task of revamping and relaunching the web site of our church. If you have ever done this, you know it is no easy task. Getting this done efficiently and effectively were very important to me but I also have a full time job that demands my time and attention. Because small groups are such a large part of the core of our church, it was priority one that our “House Church” page reflect our passion. It needed to be instructive, easy to navigate and clean.

Enter Groups Interactive

I first discovered Groups Interactive while using one of the other products that UpperRoom Technologies offers called “Media Fusion“. Our website is built on WordPress so the ability to drop an embed code on a simple page was very attractive. No plugins required. While bouncing around their site one day, I found Groups Interactive and was immediately interested in testing it for Journey Church. I signed up and within an hour or so, we had the page built and (in my opinion) looking great.

Groups Interactive gives you complete control of your Small Group web page needs. You can custom build the categories, locations, names, details all within their control panel. Once completed, they provide you with an embed code that drops right onto your pages HTML making the presentation seamless. Visitors can search for Small Groups by the categories you create and send an email to the leader of that group directly from the page. As the administrator, you can then follow up with the leaders to make sure the requests have been received and followed up on.

The support from the guys at Groups Interactive was excellent. We had a small issue with the sidebar of our page (again, it’s built on WordPress) and within a few minutes we had the embed code repaired and the site looked as it should. If you are searching for a fast, efficient, clean, neat and organized solution for your Small Group needs, I highly recommend Groups Interactive.

To see our completed Church Web Site visit –

For more information about Groups Interactive visit –

For more information about Media Fusion visit –

For more information about UpperRoom Technologies visit – recently reviewed Groups Interactive as well. We were honored that they chose a screen shot of Journey Church for their review.

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