What Should I Do?

On the eve of the start of another NBA season, there are mixed emotions. As a lifelong Cleveland Cavalier fan (and native Clevelander), I view this upcoming season with mixed emotions. I love basketball. Over the years, I have loved the NBA less and less. It’s not the same anymore. College hoops are so much more pure and enjoyable. But I still watch the NBA. For the last 7 years, we Cleveland fans have had arguably the best player in the NBA to watch night after night. We grew used to it. We were….spoiled.

I have never had a problem that Lebron decided to do what free agents do and leave. He earned the right and he followed the rules of free agency. Like many others, it was the WAY he did it. To be honest, I’m even over that mess. What has bothered me since “the decision” is the complete nonsense that continues to come out of Camp Lebron. The latest chapter in this crazy story dropped today with the new Nike commercial simply called “Rise”. Clearly the suits at Nike sat down with Lebron and are putting the full court press on a PR campaign.

I’m not buying it….or his shoes.

Nike have always been on the edge and like to push the envelope of marketing. It’s the Madonna rule that says “even bad marketing is good marketing”. They are getting their share of the Lebron mess while trying to clean up the damage he’s done since “the decision”. If he was really asking me what he should do, I’d probably say…it’s a little late for that now.

Your Thoughts???

3 thoughts on “What Should I Do?

  1. Man, I liked it.

    But I have no emotional connection to Lebron, and his decision, or how he did it, didn’t surprise me at all. That’s just the life of a highly publicized athlete these days. Too many “suits” involved in their lives IMHO.

    But seriously, nicely cut, and humorous. Not a bad question either…

  2. As you’ve probably noted, I am attached emotionally because I grew up in and love the city of Cleveland. I too was 25 once though and made poor decisions. The ad is great and if I wasn’t so attached to the subject emotionally, I would probably think it was great without a second though. The scene where he watches the “Witness” banner fall is like driving a dagger into Cleveland one more time. They frame it like he’s the victim in that shot and we should feel sorry for him. What was Cleveland supposed to do? Leave it up? He made “the decision” and his bed, now he has to sleep in it. Whatever that looks like.

    Like I said….i’m emotionally attached. Go Cavs and go any team that plays the Heat!

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