Dancing in the Minefields

Double post Thursday!! I usually don’t have this many youtube videos back-to-back but this one needed to make it to the web. One of my favorite songs is a song by Andrew Peterson called “The Chasing Song“. One of the many reasons I like that song is because it tells a great story. Great songs tell great stories. Andrew Peterson is a great story teller. His latest project “Counting Stars” features a song called “Dancing in the Minefields”. I post this today because there is so much truth in this song. If you’re married, this song will resonate with you as well.

To each of us “dancing in the minefields”, this is dedicated to you. Let’s enjoy the dance and support one another through the journey. Keep dancing friends….keep dancing.

2 thoughts on “Dancing in the Minefields

  1. What a compliment from your wife. There is so much truth that we have to dance through the mindfields. I like part towards the middle and on through the end where the background vocals just keep singing “don’t give up on me”. It stuck out to me and reminded me of how many times I have felt that way in our marriage. Thankfully, my wife hasn’t given up on me. For that, she is a much better “dancer” in the mindfield than I am.

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