Three years ago, I was appointed to a newly created position within our organization and handed the keys to a program that was broken. At the time, the concept was brilliant but the execution, follow up and results were disappointing to our Senior Leadership. My task was to get it working…and fast. Having been a part of the program, I knew it needed to be broken down, re-built and re-launched. It needed change. This morning I will begin the task of tearing down that same program, re-building it and re-launching my concepts. This morning I begin a process of change.

This week Apple came out with their new iPhone. As is the case with Apple, they are always improving, evolving and changing. To stay the same in this fast paced world is to fall behind. Apple is familiar with change.

I was reminded this morning during my run that all things must change. I have had to start over with my training. I’ve had to get back to basics again and rebuild to something in the future. Our Churches, our relationships, our faith, at times, must be broken down, re-built and re-launched. They go through change. Those which can emerge from change are stronger and will be better off having made the sacrifices necessary.

YOUR TURN: What needs change in your life today?

3 thoughts on “Changes

  1. For me, I need to get re-focused with work. Seems like for the past year I have let myself become too easily distracted at work by trivial things and then never seem to accomplish the things that I really need to get done. Then, it carries over in to my home life when I have to take work home with me or just become mentally distracted trying to figure out how I’m going to get everything done when I should be focusing my energy and thoughts on my wife and daughters.

    As I get ready to close down for the day, I vow to start with my change in this area when I enter the office tomorrow. Thanks for the good post as always.

  2. Thanks Dave! You’re not alone in that one. It is tough when we work all day to bring that same energy and focus home too. Praying for your fresh start tomorrow. The good news is that change can be a great thing. Our society should really embrace it more. Thanks for following and always encouraging!

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