Dear Friend

I just read on twitter that Dana Key of the legendary Christian Rock band “Degarmo and Key” passed away yesterday. I find that sad on many levels. They once had a song called “Dear Friend” and it only seemed appropriate to post this morning. Thank you Dana Key for creating lasting memories and music in the 80’s. You paved the way for so many bands and inspired many.

Dear Friend by Degarmo and Key

Season change, days go by
People come and people go
Though our paths lead us apart
They will meet one day I know

For I owe you, so much dear friend
All those treasured times
For you’ve made me a richer man
Having had you in my life.

2 thoughts on “Dear Friend

  1. I was just thinking about that song last week as I am preparing to move from Wisconsin to Texas and leaving many dear friends who have molded and shaped my life for Jesus in incredible ways. I was trying to remember who sang it and thought it was DeGarmo and Key. Will be praying for those he left behind. Thank God that He offers incredible hope in time of sorrow and grief.

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