Pomp and Circumstance

As odd as this may sound, this blog and my youngest child will always have an interesting connection. You see, I started this crazy thing over 5 years ago to keep family and friends informed about the upcoming birth of our child. So as she has grown, I like to hope that this silly blog has too. I’m not sure the writing is any better (matter of fact, I think I have regressed), but we have sure evolved. Today…”we” graduated. Our baby (the child…not the blog) walked across the stage and moved from pre-schooler to Kindergardener.

I can’t believe I just typed that…

In true 3rd child fashion, when we took the camera out, the battery was dead (hey, at least we remembered it!!!). So we had to resort to “Plan B” (free plug for Pete Wilson’s book included) and went with the cell phone. For those that have been around the blog from our early beginnings, enjoy this moment. For those that know and love our baby girl as much as we do, enjoy this clip too. Our last pre-school graduation…(gulp)

2 thoughts on “Pomp and Circumstance

  1. Wow Pete! I’m flattered that you found your way here! Happy to help. I’ve been passing the word on the book to everyone I know. I’ve given my copy out too. It was a great book and one that so many can benefit from reading. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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