First Ever Video Update

7 thoughts on “First Ever Video Update

  1. I like to see someone else doing a video update…
    I look forward to more.
    Good luck with the half marathon and God Bless..

  2. Looking forward to the playlist update. I’m starting to get back in to running. It’s been a while. But my wife runs all the time. But sometimes a little music can provide just the right motivation and energy.

  3. Thank you all! Based on the response I will have to do something like this again and soon. It’s not the most comfortable of things for me, but maybe I am being pushed to get out of my comfort zone a bit. Thanks for the response and encouragement!

  4. Love the update man…and good luck with the consecutive halves!!
    I hear you on the running wardrobe expansion too. I was just thinking the other day that I will soon have way too many event shirts. 😉

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