TobyMac Sends Us a Shout Out!

Last night I received a very special message from my good friend Dave Schroeder and none other than TobyMac! This is just wicked cool. David was with Toby, Max Lucado and Third Day yesterday to prepare for the upcoming Make a Difference Tour. They took time out of their busy schedule to send Heather and I a quick note about the Country Music Half Marathon this weekend. We will all be hitting the streets for 13.1 miles and cannot wait!

Special thank you to Toby and Dave for taking the time to do this. The kids now think Heather and I are rock stars because their hero TobyMac said hello. Special thanks again to Dave for taking us all in this weekend. We are more than excited.

6 thoughts on “TobyMac Sends Us a Shout Out!

  1. β™« A whole new guy with a whole new vibe
    Changed inside – more flame in the fire
    Can’t stop, won’t stop, praying for desire
    Like the bunny on the screen, feel so energized
    Old shell gone without a trace, new face
    No more shortness of breath, new pace! β™«

    ~ Hahaha. πŸ™‚

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