Next Up: Charlotte!

Those that have been around this blog for more than a year probably just rolled their eyes and said “on no, not again”. This time I can assure you that there is no “For Sale” sign in front of our home and we’re not packing any boxes. We are, however, headed south to Charlotte, North Carolina (God’s Country) in 2 short weeks. We’ve been planning this trip for several months now and it’s hard to believe that it is already here. On Saturday, December 12th my wife and I will hit the streets of Charlotte to run the Thunder Road Half Marathon. One of our good friends from Charlotte will also join us on the journey.

One thing I did not realize when signing up for this one was this course is very “hilly”. I guess I assumed it would be a nice flat course, but based on what I have read and those I have talked to, we are in for a real treat in terms of elevations. It could present some new challenges (as if 13.1 isn’t challenging enough). My wife and I are as ready as we can be and are spending the next two weeks “tapering off” in preparation. We won’t have much time to rest afterwards because it’s off to Phoenix to run the P.F. Changs 1/2 marathon on January 17th with our good friends Troy and Catherine Plant.

We have also recently confirmed the following:

Country Music Half MarathonNashville, TN – April 24th 2010 with a few of my friends from Thomas Nelson Publishing.

Indianapolis Mini-MarathonIndianapolis, IN – May 8th 2010 with some new friends and possibly co-workers.

So there you have it. 4 half-marathons in 4 cities. After that I am thinking about taking the rest of the summer off!

On the journey……

4 thoughts on “Next Up: Charlotte!

  1. Sounds like a great schedule to me! I may be joining you for the “mini” in Indy in May. I think it’s a little minimizing to call a half a “mini”…what do you guys think about that?

  2. Hey AAron! Say Hi to my sister in law as you are running! She’s heading down there from Minneapolis to run it also!

    Your ambition is quite inspiring. Can’t imagine only a couple weeks between half marathons! Enjoy the adventures with Heather. This will surely give you time to strengthen the bond you already have.

  3. I’ll be in Surprise, AZ running a half on Jan. 30th! My mom is in the 50 states club and AZ is next on the list! (It’s a great hobby for her and a great excuse for me to keep her company so I can travel the nation with her!)

    1. Chris – Yes! “Mini” does seem a bit odd and degrading! I hear it’s fun so we’ll give it a shot. If you sign up let me know. That would be very cool.

      Kristin – I saw you are going to run the Cleveland! That is awesome. So tempted to run that one again. The full marathon there last year was awesome. I know you can do it. Can’t wait to hear how you did!

      Amanda – We’re seeing the world too. It’s fun visiting with friends and seeing the city. Probably would be easier to do it by car, but why not take the 2 hour tour on foot! That is great for your mom. Seriously very cool.

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