Anything Like Me


In just one week, “the boy” will officially turn 9 years old. It is beyond my understanding where the last 9 years went. They always say it goes too fast and “they” are right. This is such an awesome age for all three of our kids. Especially “the boy”. Not only did the apple not fall far from the tree, it generally doesn’t stray too far from there either. If you’ve ever noticed, he is usually right next to me whenever we go somewhere. It both thrills and scares me to death. Hopefully I’m “raising him up in the way he should go”. Along that thought here’s another one of “those songs” from Brad Paisley. It’s called “Anything Like Me”. Hang around for the last chorus. Don’t worry, it got me too…..

2 thoughts on “Anything Like Me

  1. I can’t say 100% yes because he isn’t wearing a specific shade of blue. Happy Birthday big boy. And when I say big what I mean is I am over 29 and he is almost the same size as me. đŸ™‚

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