Badge of Honor

I saw this commercial the other night and was cracking up. I’ve got 2 little girls and it was oh so close to home. If I’m going to stand in the backyard and play catch with “the boy” or spend hours developing his wicked post game, it’s only fair that I be an equal opportunity father. If it means grabbing the pom-poms and belting out a cheer, then so be it. I’ll wear that moment like a badge of honor! I’m telling you right now, I can do a mean “Hoedown Throwdown” (it’s a dance in case you were not sure) and I know every single word to the song “The Climb“.

I’m just saying…that’s all.

So how about it dads? What’s the worst most embarrassing thing you’ve done for your little ones? You can share it here. You’re amongst friends….

7 thoughts on “Badge of Honor

  1. Some (my wife and oldest daughter) might say I screamed like a little girl on Space Mountain. My oldest and I were in the front row. I was just comforting her in my own way. I wasn’t scared even though it was pitch black and very fast. I wasn’t scared. Really I wasn’t.

  2. My Dad (may he rest in peace) dressed Barbie dolls with my daughter Rose. He was a manly man, so it was priceless to see him put Barbie’s perfect body in a sequined gown. 🙂

    I know you are a Cleveland guy, but I am very disappointed that you didn’t mention the Bengals big win up in Green Bay. This was a miracle! God’s hand was in there somewhere.

  3. My 8 year old daughter was in baton and at a Christmas open house with about 150 people the dads had a contest where we had to march like the girls and then perform a solo routine in front of everyone.

  4. Aaron,
    As the father to 3 girls, all who are unique and the same all at once, I am reminded of how nearly everyday I am “embarrassed” somehow by these little gals. Whether it is having my nails painted or being the judge for an impromptu fashion show in a store (we don’t really buy the clothes, only try them on 🙂 My number one thing would be when we were traveling down the road with the windows down and blaring the High School Musical 3 soundtrack , we were all singing along and we pulled up next to a group of teenagers, and since my windows were down and the girls windows were up(and tinted) , they were not seen. But we got to the part of the song where you have to scream and the girls did! There I was getting gawked at and ridiculed by some teenage boys who couldn’t see the girls in the back of the car. Hilarious when I look back. I definitely wear the badge proudly!

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